kawasaki FA 06E C type controler.

  • Hello everyone, I have the given welding robot: kawasaki FA 06E, connected with a no name welding source that does not have the option of feedback to the robot controler.

    Using WS I can give the welding comand, but because of no feedback it gives the arc failure error. The robot was bought from an auction, the welding source is controlled by the welding gun button wired straight into the robot controler. There is no option of a different welding source different robot or anything. I would very much apreciate any help. i know that a dedicated welding robot has dedicated IO, dedicated welding source but this is what I have to work with. Thank you !

  • So you're looking at using a hand welding designed welding power source and wire feeder by just tapping into the gun trigger to start and stop the weld and any parameters will be manually changed/set on the power source itself?

    Hmmm.......,you're gonna run into several problems depending on the type of welding and what you are planning on welding then.

    I would look into your 'no name' and see if you can obtain any IO boards to interface it into a robot, this would be the better approach

    If you look in the dedicated signals (IO) aux functions, you should be able to cancel them by inputting 1000 into them (this is from memory though.

  • Thank you I will try that. It is not my robot or my welding source and the owner doesn't want to hear of investing another $. So i will try to work with what there is or he has a pile of expensive metal.

  • the owner doesn't want to hear of investing another $

    LMAO (I do not mean this in a disrespectful way).

    I know nothing about your application and if you can make this inappropriate setup work and provide:

    - Quality welds which have consistent weld beads.

    - Wire speed control to match speed adjustments the robot may require to make.

    - Inform power source if the robot is in error to shut off the weld start signal and make safe.

    - Inform robot if power source is in error during the weld to shut off weld start signal and make safe.

    - Prevent the robot from moving if the wire sticks due to errors experienced during the weld.

    The Kawasaki documentation you have may as well be burned as all commands, examples and error information is relative to the standard arc setups and not 'fudged' cost cutting systems.

    You are looking at many hard coding hours using standard (not arc) AS language, which will require you to dedicate time and expense in order to learn.

    Unless you have very good experience with Kawasaki robot, then you will be troubleshooting problems that are likely to exist because of the 'fudged' together system.

    (This you are experiencing already).

    This may lead to increased time and costs buying, installing and development time which may just lead you deeper into a rabbit hole of further expense.

    The ROI will happen much sooner if you use the dedicated equipment already available.

    Your boss should really review this before commencing the journey.

    The above is just my opinion based on years of experience.

    If you can make it all work, then I will take my hat off to you sir and bow.

    Due to this, my own personal advice during your journey will be very limited so good luck... :hi-bye:

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