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    Thank you I will try that. It is not my robot or my welding source and the owner doesn't want to hear of investing another $. So i will try to work with what there is or he has a pile of expensive metal.

    Hello everyone, I have the given welding robot: kawasaki FA 06E, connected with a no name welding source that does not have the option of feedback to the robot controler.

    Using WS I can give the welding comand, but because of no feedback it gives the arc failure error. The robot was bought from an auction, the welding source is controlled by the welding gun button wired straight into the robot controler. There is no option of a different welding source different robot or anything. I would very much apreciate any help. i know that a dedicated welding robot has dedicated IO, dedicated welding source but this is what I have to work with. Thank you !

    Hey kwakisaki, any ideea if it is possible for this type of robot and TP to turn off, the arc failure error?

    The welding source connected to the robot is just connected with 2 wires, I can use WS but it will give a arc failure error restart the arc, but because there is no input from the welding source it just fails.

    I also tried using a DO but the arc or the execution of the DO is done before the robot arives at the end of the motion. Thus it tries to start the arc in mid air. Any advice is welcome :D

    I know this model is at least 20 years old. I just need some info on programming it for 10 simple welds. I have never worked with kawasaki before and was looking for some info on the basics of this robot.

    As for the download center it requiers a Kawasaki sales person email in order to register, but since this robot is so old I think its at least at the third owner.

    Hello everyone, happy new year, is someone kind enough to help me out with some manuals for this type of robot? the people that installed the robot did some tests and that was about it, now i need help programing it but have no type of documentation that can give me a basic knowledge. Any and all help is gratefully accepted. Thank you and have a nice day.