C#_clientAppl and EthServer

  • hi everybody,

    I want to communicate with a dx200 configurated with ethernet server and a c# .net4.8 appl.

    I make this test

    - client Hercules<>dx200 : ok, the data transfer is correct

    -client c# <>serverc#(or server hercules) :ok

    -client c#<>dx200 : problem

    The socket seems open good, but when i send command i receive null answer from robot.

    Also the first command doesnt work

    "CONNECT Robot_acces Keep-Alive <CR><LF>"

    What can i do??

  • hi everybody, luckly i solve by my self the topic.

    For everybody who wants to use the c# TcpClient class with yaskawa ethernet server i suggest.


    Command="CONNECT Robot_acces Keep-Alive <CR>\r<LF>\n"

    New stream =Tcp.Client.getStream()

    Byte[] Byte_data= ... convert the string

    command in byte char



    The <CR>\r<LF>\n was the big enigma to find for the correct exchange😑

    Thanks, good luck!

  • Hi Baro94, Would you please send me your example project for this. Thank you so much.

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