Change Tool_data on the fly algorithm

  • Hello,

    I've got maybe a noobie question but I'm stuck on this. It is also not so easy to explain so please don't be rough.

    I need to change TOOL_DATA[2] on the fly regarding which object is gripped on the robot.

    The problem is that gripper TCP is not in object middle point. I would like to achieve this gripper TCP = object middle point in X,Y BASE coordinates. Z is not changed.

    The data that is known is on the picture attached:

    -object length (can change) according to base1 origin taught with robot flange as TCP

    -object width (can change)

    - var1pos (position of the robot flange TCP in base 1 X) which also can change

    - var2pos as above but in Y

    My question is what to put into TOOL_DATA[2] to set TCP as middle of the object.

    I've added some example dimmension to simplify understanding what algorithm I need.

    I would be very grateful for any advice or help.

    Robot is on KRC2 v5.5 (KR360).

  • Can't imagine that you have to change tcp. Think you should change the pickup or release position.

    You should describe your task more in principle, not your own conclusion.

    But if you really have to change tcp data, it's absolutely simple math, like

    Value_x = length / 2 + some_offset

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