Position Error on E1

  • Hej Guys.

    This might be a long shot, but i will try anyway.

    I have a Robot, with the 7th axis mounted on the tool.

    The 7th axis is mastered to be 0, and should go to 0 everytime the robot is reset.

    Suddenly the feedback from the encoder return f.x 11mm, even though its physical is in 0.

    This ofcouse gives me a following error, and somethimes a overcurrent fault. which make sense, because i can move to 0, if its allready there.

    my solution so far, is to unmaster the external axis, and then remaster in the right position, and then it works perfekt again.

    Are the maybe anyone, that have experienced the same, or maybe have some sort of solution ?

    we have checked the tension of the belt, and also the condition of it, and its all fine.


  • if the error is always 11mm i would start to look at the mechanical setup. Do you have any shaft connections (key, friction, taper, etc) that can slip or has the belt jumped a couple of teeth? What kind of gearratio do you have on this?

    Only time i have seen something like this is with torque mode and insufficient max lag being used. That however never makes the reading actually wrong. An axis does not care if it is in the wrong position so i am assuming your axis bottoms out at 0.

    Can you provide any more details on the setup, use and behaviour?

    Did you actually check the axis position and not the commanded position?

    Are you sure you dont have any major source of friction/blockage that makes the axis lag behind?

    I am sceptical to the notation that the axis would actually change its thought of position without this having atleast a mechanical component to it.

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