fanuc sr-6ia srvo-115 g:1 a:4

  • have a limit error for axis 4. turn it by hand and does not feel bound up. whenever trying to home the robot the same fault pops up for limit error on axis 4. was wondering if there is a good way of knowing how and where to put axis 4 in to get it back in its limit. tried to put the axis in the position it would go to finish its sequence and it did not help. tried turning it 180 degrees and it still did not work.

    any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance

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  • What do you mean by "tried turning it 180 degrees"?

    Did you do this through software, or by hand?

    When you talk about trying to put it back within its limit.............

    A Fanuc wont go out of it's axis limits unless it's not mastered, or unless you mechanically force it to.

    Seeing as how it will allow you to try and run it, it must be mastered.

    Your post worries me. It reminds me of a former co-worker who always wanted to open up the stock axis limits when getting limit errors.

  • It may be the case that you need to use a joint move to get to home, or Linear with Wjnt. That way it doesn't try to turn the wrong way with Linear.

    Of course you need to test any changes to ensure it won't crash.

    I would make J4 as close to 0 degrees as possible for home that works with your application.

  • thanks for the replies. we ended up figuring out the issue. was able to see the actual position of axis 4 using ethernet cable hook up to the controller and then using web based browser to see that axis 4 was at -600 position, turned it by hand to 0 and was able to get the robot to reset. figured that the robot had a crash and the operator turned the robot head to get it up instead of using the brake release button. biggest thing was figuring out how to see the actual position without a pendant.

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