IRC5 Temporary Teach-only safety bypass

  • Time for my "dumb ABB question of the week," apparently. (IRC5, RW 6.12, SafeMove2, CIP-Safe)

    I have a new IRC5 I need to do setup on, but won't have the safety PLC for a while yet. After loading the end customer's base-load configuration pack, I can't get motors in Teach mode due to missing the Superior Stop. Is making a bypass jumper for A21.X6 the only way to get around this temporarily? I tried switching the Safety Mode to Service, but that didn't do any good.

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  • I think so.. I always carry a pre jumped one with me.

    That's what I thought. Well, since I don't have any, and really don't want to mess with the SafeMove module wiring, I found if I restored the SafeMove configuration back to the as-delivered config (always take a backup before changing anything!), that let me get the robot joggable again. I'll just have to put off loading the "master" SafeMove config until after my PLC is present.

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