Spline single movement speed issue

  • Goodmorning.

    i started to use Spline blocks and i have some issue when i have to control the single speed or acceleration of the single "Spline movement".

    i don't understand why when i put in the single movement a different CP speed (EX: SPL PointPiattina1Off[3] WITH $VEL = SVEL_CP(0.50, , LCPDAT4)) it doesn't take it and keep using the default speed. i also tryed to delete the default speed of the Splineblock ( SPLINE WITH $VEL = SVEL_CP(2.0, , LCPDAT1) ) but nothing changed. I tryed to figured it out with the manual but i still don't get it. Any idea?

    this is an example of the code:


    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[1]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[2]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[3] WITH $VEL = SVEL_CP(0.50, , LCPDAT4)

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[4]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[5]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[6]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[7] WITH $VEL = SVEL_CP(0.50, , LCPDAT4)

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[8]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[9]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[10]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[11]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[12]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[13]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[14]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[15]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[16]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[17]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[18]

    SLIN PointPiattina1Off[19]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[20]

    SPL PointPiattina1Off[1]


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  • Nevermind guys...sorry, i got it now. One more question since i'm here. To change the approximation of the single line is it correct to change the $APO_CDIS or there is something different i can use?


    SPL PointPiattina1Off[3] WITH $VEL.CP = 0.05 , $APO.CDIS=50

  • I do not understand your question. Inside a spline block there is no blending. You define the geometry by your sequence of target positions and this sequence gets an interpolating spline.

    If you want to a free form curve model it with a sequence of SPLs inside the block. Thats what it is for.


  • i'm asking this because i saw that there is a variable in the default structure that come up when you create a splineblock called APO_DIST. What is it refered to?

    EX: DECL LDAT LCPDAT2={VEL 2.00000,ACC 100.000,APO_DIST 500.000

  • Inside a spline block it is not used. Only in single motion commands outside of a spline block. LCPDAT structure is not spline specific. Its also used in old motion LIN,CIRC who need it as well.


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