KRC2 Titan Unable to Master A3-A6 with EMT

  • Hey all,


    I have a KRC2 Titan that I am trying to master. The previous mastering was done manually with a dial indicator, and I'd like to do it with an EMT to make it more repeatable (which is critical to our application).

    - KR 1000

    - KSS 5.6.12

    - KTL-Justage-Set 00-109-835 (EMT)


    The EMT fails to master the robot when it passes over the mastering notch, but only on axes 3, 4, 5, and 6. Axes 1 and 2 master normally.


    I have performed the following tests:

    - Mastered other KRC2 robot axes with this EMT, before and after attempting to master the Titan. This proves to me that the mastering kit is not the problem.

    - Mastered A1 and A2 before and after attempting to master A3-6. This proves that the problem is fully isolated to those axes, and not the robot.

    - Tested each gauge cartridge plunger by hand with an allen key. This was done to ensure that none of the gauge cartridges were sticky, which they were not.

    - Visually inspected the notches on A3 and A5, looking for damage. I found no significant blemishes near the notch on either feature.

    - Watched the light indicators on the back of the EMT. The lights indicated that the EMT properly identified the notch (lights switch rapidly when crossing it), but the EMT did not stop the robot and continued to attempt to master until hitting the "distance limit exceeded" error.

    I'm relatively confident that the problem is mechanical in nature, due to its isolation to those joints and the fact that the EMT works elsewhere on the robot. Has anyone else seen similar behavior, or have suggestions on further tests to run?

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    are you connecting mastering tool to correct RDC? on KRC4 this is not important, you can connect to any of up to 4 RDCs in the system, but in case of KRC2 you need to connect to RDC that handles feedback of the motor axis that is to be mastered. and Titan has two RDCs.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Yeah, the Titan is an odd duck -- while it has only 6 axes, it has 9 servos (A1-A3 are dual-servo), and the number of servos drives the number of RDCs. An RDC can only handle 8 servos total. I don't recall exactly how the KRC2 Titan distributes the servos across RDCs, but it definitely has two RDCs.

  • panic mode always a pleasure when the solution is simple, thanks for the help. Turns out, the titan does have 2 RDCs (X02 and X03), with two X32 connectors (X32 and X32.1). Upon attempting to master again, I found that A1-A2 were on X02, and A3 - A6 were on X03.

    SkyeFire I knew the titans had the dual-servos (it's why we purchased them, after all), but I didn't stop to think about how that would affect the RDCs. Interesting to note that the mastering divide in servos implies only 5 servos on X03, and 4 on X02. Wonder why they chose to distribute it that way.

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