KAREL Socket Messaging TCP/IP

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a new user of FANUC 6 DOF robots.

    I would like to control the robot with my own configurations (send 6 motors angles to the robot to execute).

    My main idea is to use Karel and TCP/IP to send continuous information from my computer to the robot position registers, and the robot read continuously those registers to execute the positions.

    I do not find a good Fanuc documentation which explain how to do that, and if it's possible or not. Karel documentation only give the information that we can get or send message (socket messaging) using tcp/ip but that's all. There is no information on the process to send continuous information from a computer to a robot.

    If anyone has information, I would really appriciate your help.

    Thank you in advance and have a good day !

  • Thanks for your answer !

    Do you know how much this option costs ?

    And what is the difference with (User) Socket Messaging that uses KAREL+TCP/IP ?

  • It is possible to do this manually with User Socket Messaging and KAREL, but the Remote Machine Interface that dha suggested has many benefits. The main benefit is that RMI uses the FANUC motion planner. Here is my understanding of why thats significant:

    1. you can do continuous movements

    2. it allows for halt and resume of the motion

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