Kawasaki TP not displaying anyting

  • I really do not understand what you are doing here, the simple connection is:

    - DB9 male to PC Serial Port.

    - DB9 female to Controller Door

    - Cable should be simple 2-3, 3-2 and 5-5 pinout.

    - Open KCWin32 set COM port to same as device manager Serial Port (not parallel).

    If using a USB to RS232 converter, then COM port in KCWin32 needs to be same as USB COM port no.

  • Well I can't comment on Siemens PG and USB converter (although I wouldn't trust it at all).

    With a standard USB to RS232 converter and correct cable - assuming 1GA/1HA is working then you should be able to connect up in the way I've described.

    If this isn't the case, from my perspective you have either:

    - 1GA/1HA faulty.

    - 1HP faulty.

    - MFP faulty.

    - MFP cable faulty.

    - Possibly backplane motherboard is faulty (although I cannot see this).

    The only thing I can now suggest (trusting you have tried exactly what I've asked) is to contact Global Robots for the above items to see if you can diagnose the problem further on a 'faulty return' basis.

    Without spares, there's nothing much I can offer now.

    You can mention you've been in touch with me on the forum (they know me there - this may 'grease the wheels') for you............

  • I did use standard USB to rs232 converter connected to usb (no siemns pg communication port) and cable should be correct. And it didnt work.

    So if something needs replacment is than normal that i cant connect or should i be able to connect even something is broken?

    We already send mail to global robot...waiting for a response.

  • The main boot up sequence occurs via the 1GA/1HA, this in turn triggers the MFP OS to boot up.

    The MFP is unlikely to boot up if the 1GA/1HA does not boot up.

    So, by using RS232 you would usually see visually that the 1GA/1HA was booting up.

    In your case (assuming the cable and your hardware is ok for displaying serial data and is connected correctly), you should receive some initial start up messages if the 1GA/1HA was booting up.

    No messages are being displayed.

    Even the initialization messages (dipswitch 1 and :smiling_face_with_sunglasses: are not displayed, these originate from 1GA/1HA.

    So this suggests that the 1GA/1HA is faulty.

    If the MFP is not connected, the 1GA/1HA should fully boot.....this is also not happening.

    So the result is probable 1GA/1HA faulty just as a process of elimination.

    If the MFP is faulty, then the display on the MFP is not going to boot up correctly, but if disconnected, you should see messages appear via RS232 normally.

    You are not seeing these messages, so therefore again it points to 1GA/1HA.

    I cannot fix electronic issues, I can only assist in diagnosing and based on your information, this is where it appears to be.

    Without any spares to throw in there, nothing much else comes to mind to narrow the problem down.

    So this is the risk of purchasing 2nd user systems without any spares.

    I fairly confident Global have these as spares, this is why I suggest you speak to them and see if they can send what I have listed for you to test out and further diagnose, if not resolve the problem and sort a 'deal' with them.

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