Safety for Teaching 2 robots in a cell at once

  • Hello All,

    When there are 2 adjacent robots in a cell, can they both be programmed by 2 separate people according to CSA Z434? Does any one know the article number that stipulates whether they can/cannot?


  • i don't have standard at hand and it's been quite a while since i needed it to look things up but as i recall:

    CSA Z434 does not place limit on how many people are allowed to program one or more robots as long as only one robot may be enabled during APV (hence need for an interlock) and each person inside cell needs enabling device for that one robot that is enabled and they are all able to maintain eye contact.

    i guess your question is if two people are allowed to do APV simultaneously on adjacent robots and for that answer would be no. because mistake of one person could put another person in danger while that person does not have enabling device for the dangerous robot - since his hands and attention are on another robot.

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