Fusion 360 -> Fanuc System R-J3iB

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  • Please let me know if I should start a separate thread for these little questions...

    I am attempting to offset the Z axis of the UFRAME using digital inputs; this is to account for surface deviations in parts we are attempting to trace.
    I have this -sort of- working, but I must periodically apply an offset to a position, which means that for a long move it will not update until the next position.

    I can go into depth about my current solution, but I am wondering if there is a way to update a motion's offset dynamically?

    Let's say, for instance, I have:

    PR[5,3] = R[7]
    J P[1] 50% FINE OFFSET PR[5,3]

    PR[5,3] = R[7]

    J P[2] 50% FINE OFFSET PR[5,3]


    I can update the specific axis in the position register from a generic register, but even if positions 1 and 2 are two feet apart, I will only get a Z adjustment for P[2] based on the value read in before motion started.

    The brute-force method is to break long motions into shorter chunks, which is doable. I'm just curious if this can be handled more efficiently.

    P.S. I attempted writing the PR[5] from a "RUN" (parallel) statement, but sadly this requires the use of motion group 1. Even though motion is not being handled from this parallel routine, a motion group still must be assigned to update position registers. I CAN however update the register, which you see above.

  • The poor man's way of doing it would be to put that logic (adjust offset, small incremental move) in a jump label loop until you have finished that segment. Same principle as breaking it up into small chunks just doing it in a loop instead of copy paste.

    The actual way to do it would be to purchase an option called Dynamic Path Modification.

  • Thanks HawkME, I should have known that easier = additional paid options ;)

    Good tip on the loop though, since this is pre-compiled I know how many points I will navigate to. I could possibly iterate through points in a single "for" loop if speeds and types of motion stay the same. Memory isn't really an issue here, so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    We had an overheat alarm the other day on one of the intelligent power modules (IPMs), so I'm doing some cabinet cleaning today. This old gal is NASTY. It came in tripping a breaker, which was likely due to the 5lbs of weld spatter piled on the internal transformer.

    On the control, I have process I/O, Devicenet I/F, Main (slot 1) and PSU. As I unrack these to blow them off/clean them, I'm not worried about process I/O or Devicenet PCBs being volatile, but MAIN has the backup battery. Is there anything in the PSU that will be lost if I unrack these two? They could -potentially- be sharing the battery through the backplane.

    I've done a controller backup, but I'd rather not test my ability to restore it!

  • FYI, for anyone else reading this the PSU does not have any volatile memory. After looking at it, I doubt it has ANY memory. If you go to clean things, make sure you leave all the little cards on the MAIN (SLOT1) PCB, as they look like they could have some volatile memory on them.

  • I have a basic post processor working! I need to clean things up, but so far so good for 3D. I'm going to try to figure out 5 axis post processing as well, but that will take time.

    I had posted in another thread about FTP over ethernet, sadly this controller does not have the option.

    CF card transfer is working for now, but is there a way to upload over RS232? It seems from what I'm seeing that this port is intended for use with KAREL only.
    I suppose I can write a KAREL program for RS232 transfer, but maybe there's an easier way?

  • Kfloppy can connect and upload/download programs to the controller via rs232. Its been about 15 years since I used it, so you are on your own with how to use it.

    There are several posts on the forum about it though, so you may be able to find more information on it.

    There is also a .hlp file in there, but it is plain ascii, not the windows version, so open it with a text editor.


    • KFLOPPY.zip

      (969.04 kB, downloaded 1 times, last: )

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • Nation, thank you again! Apparently you've got all the tools. I tried to mark your post as helpful, but then realized this stole the tag from your first really helpful post.

    I'll give this a try this evening!

  • Long overdue, I finally got to give this a try. It worked great!!! I prepared some notes since I know I'll forget the steps, and I'm putting them here for future use.

    I used a Windows XP computer with a hardware serial port. I'm unsure how much flow control plays into this, as at 9600 baud I think both the controller and PC keep up quite well. You could likely ignore flow control and just use Rx, Tx and 0V lines.

    If I ever get bored, I might try to create a 64-bit compatible version of this that will work with USB<>UART converters. But no promises, I'm rarely bored :D

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