krc2 MFC2 card and cp1616 - is it possible?

  • Hi guys,

    i am trying to install a Profinet card cp1616 on a standard KRC2 controller (not ed05) with MFC2 (ISA) card and IBS c33. Profinet IO 2.3.3

    Is that possible as the KSS failed to start after i install the card?

    I am asking because i saw in the profinet io instructions that it needs ed05 controller.

    But i remember doing this same task successfully in the past... or may be i am mistaken?

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  • A few questions:

    - is the pc not starting or the KSS not starting?

    - which main board is installed (400 MHz or 733 MHz)?

    - what KSS version is installed?

    - in which slot number did you install the cp1616 card?

    - did you attach external voltage to the cp1616 card?

  • Hi, and thank you for the time spent to help!

    - the pc is fine, the KSS starts, but hangs on about 20% and after that says it cannot load HMI etc. Please check the attached photo. If i remove the card it starts ok, it is ok also if the PNET driver is not activated in IOsys.ini. I can see the device CP1616 via Siemens network and can give it IP address etc, but when i try to connect through TIA portal it gives an error: Device unreachable.
    -the board is SY-7VBA 133 with Celeron 733
    - the KSS 5.5
    - atm it is on slot N3 - i tried different position it is the same result.

    - no external voltage attached to the card

    Thanks again, hope to solve it :)

  • Just checked the same card, PLC and config on a ed05 controller and it worked just fine without any problems.

    The strange thing is that i did few months ago same setup on a standard KRC2 cabinet with MFC2 card and it is working fine... really cannot get what might be the issue

  • Hi,

    The ProfiNET driver that is on the robot is version 2.3.3.

    The firmware version of the CP1616 is 2.1.

    I reinstalled the driver on the robot but still no success.

    When the ProfiNET driver is enabled, the IO configuration fails.

  • check in "system" - "device manager"

    where is the cpc1616 listed (should not be on windows side - maybe real time)? - make a screen shot

    cross will time out after 2 minutes

    tcp after app. 12 minutes

    is windows responding after that tcp time?

    I have not found any settings for the 733 MHz MB to work together with cp1616

    (maybe this was just luck?!)

  • Hi again :)
    Just to close the case and to explain how i solved the problem.

    I got to the other robot where i had installed the CP1616 card, made a ghost copy of the HDD and used that copy on the robot with the problem. And it worked :)

    After i checked what was the difference i found out that the ProfinetIO software i was using on the working machine was version 1.3.5 and on the non working one - 2.3.3.

    So - if you need to use a profinet on an old non ed 05 robot - just use old Profinet software :)

    Hope this will save someone elses time and efforts :)

    Happy holidays for everyone!


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