Overlap part detection view, R-30iB Plus iRVision Tracking

  • Hi,

    I'm using iRVision tracking with R-30iB plus controller and two cameras are looking down the conveyor.

    I'm working on a new part for picking up from conveyor and one of the parts on the middle section of the conveyor can be seen by two cameras at same time.

    How do I avoid duplicated part found by cameras?

    I'm thinking camera1 sees whole field of view and camera2 only see view without overlapped middle section.

    If this is the right approach, please share how I navigate the menu.

    If not, share your ideas with us.

    Thanks in advance

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  • So, both robots are using both cameras? Or, this is just a very tight cell? Kinda hard to visualize the layout. I guess the issue would be, if both cameras queued the pick the robots could collide. In this case, I would ensure the downstream boundary of R1 does not overlap the upstream boundary of R2.

    Additionally, I think I would reduce the snap window so that it is balanced between both cameras (no overlap). This would decrease your vision process execution. Again, depends on the layout.

  • The robot is using two cameras to look down one single wide conveyor.

    Normally four parts are loaded on conveyor and each camera takes care of two parts. (no overlapp view for part location)

    But for new part we're working on is smaller and we've decided to load five parts on the conveyor

    The middle part on the conveyor can be seen by both cameras and the robot tries to pick up two times by each camera.

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