Interbus setup error with Phoenix coupler

  • Hello everyone,

    i have a KRC2 running KSS 5.4,

    i previously installed a profibus card IBS PCI SC/RI-LK

    and i was using two cascaded IBS RL 24 DIO 8/8/8-LK-2MBD as remote I/O blocks,

    i was able back then, really simply, to setup the iosys.ini by assigning

    2 input bytes and 2 output bytes, this way:

    Decommenting INTERBUSPCI=15

    Adding in the [INTERBUSPCI] section





    also setting the ibspci1.ini file by deactivating Slavering and activating Masterring, this way:



    The system worked flawlessy.

    Now i have to replace the I/O system,

    so i removed the two external IBS RL 24 DIO 8/8/8-LK-2MBD

    and i have to add a din mount I/O block with 16 digital inputs and no outputs.

    In details i have here now in my hands a Phoenix Contact Inline Station composed of:

    IBS IL 24 BK-LK-2MBD + IB IL 24 PWR IN + IB IL 24 DI 16

    As configuration, i just removed the 2 output bytes from the iosys.ini file;

    but KSS gives me this error: 8020 InterBus: bus error 1.?

    And at the coupler module FO1 is off and FO2 is on

    also D LED blinks at 0.5Hz on the Input module.

    Reading the ibus.log file i can see the last line reporting

    Open read data length (IO: 16 <-> Bus: 144)

    So, anyone knows if i have to configure something more advanced?

    Thank you

  • AD
  • Hi,


    In accordance to the message you have no incoming signal, but an outgoing one.

    I also could not find a description of IB IL 24 PWR IN

    Could you send a picture of your actual setup?

    Because you have only one bus terminal I wonder how you get the outgoing F02 on

    By the way there is no D LED (either RD or LD)

  • Are You also using an .svc file produced by CMD, or You bus configuration was done only with iosys.ini?

    Only with iosys.ini (also because i never learned how to use IBS CMD software)

    By the way there is no D LED (either RD or LD)

    D LED is on the DI module

    Also FO1 turns ON only if i remove the modules from the coupler and commenting the byte declarations in the iosys.ini file

  • ok,

    I am trying to find my G4 book with all the error codes.

    So can you put your setup back together just to get the first error messages again.

    Can you also prepare a list with all the leds - for all boards?

    Did you do a cold start or an io reconfiguration?

  • Did you do a cold start or an io reconfiguration?

    Yes, cold started many times

    after swap the modules, did you reseted the PCI board power supply?

    No, i'm not using the slave card, i have installed only the Master side, so power is not needed.

    (500 kBit data transfer)

    Mismatch in transferrate

    OMG... Dumb error, thanks for noticing.

    I'll test another I/O module with the correct speed ASAP!

  • ok

    I was trying to help to solve the problem with the interbus.

    I know You are online at the moment without any resonse.

    I spent hours to help without any response or excuse e. g. (no time, no material, out of town)

    So, I will listen, but do not helping for any problems in the future anymore (in general)

    out and good bye

  • Thanks to you I will quit helping people to solve their problems!

    In swabia they have a proverb "no reply means every thing good"

    This may help you, but not all the others having the same problem

    I am out off buinessess right now (because of you)



  • The couples is 2 Mbps but the Input module was 500 kbps,

    so the problem was inline station speed mismatch as you noticed.

    The card now is running at 2 Mbps, as the coupler,

    nice to know that it can be switched to 500 kbps

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