Open/"Decompile" .PC files into .KL? Is it possible?

  • Is it possible to somehow open and read/edit an already compiled karel file (.pc)? Back into .kl? Or once it is compiled into .PC file its done and the contents cant be read/modified? Im asking mostly because I want to know how "safe" my .pc files will be from pirating if I install them on robots that I do not own.

  • Someone on the forum once claimed to be able to do it. When offered the chance to de-compile one of my .pc files, they vanished.

    I don't believe it is possible and I have never seen done.

  • Officially, isn't possible to revert .pc to .kl files. And I never saw this. But I recall a forum member saying he/she did this.

    Anyway, even if this process is feasible, I think it would require a very specific skillset, so on most situations, Your code would be fine.

  • Its interesting that the Comau "karel" files can be compiled and uncompiled yet the fanuc ones cannot? The actual karel code is very similar. I bet Fanuc has software that does this.

  • The point here is the design,

    The compiling need on Karel is practical.

    .pc is an older format, created at a time when FANUC controllers only read programs only in this format, and was created to be one way only.

    The intellectual property protecting (or, in some cases, safety) factor came later, as a side effect, I think.

    COMAU is different.

    You need to compile the file to run it on robot (.pdl to .cod), and after, you can also protect the compiled file (Protect/Unprotect option). And I don't remember if the protecting option was present for C3G+ or older COMAU generation controllers.

    Anyway, since FANUC knows the inners of their system, I believe they have some sort of internal tool to decompile .pc files.

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