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    Is there any way to slow your spindle down to get your chip load up some? If you do purchase a 2 flute, make sure it is optimized for aluminium cutting.

    Is this a single pass or multiple? Are you conventional milling or climb? Conventional is recommended if you lack rigidity.

    Came into an odd problem yesterday. F200 8.3 /15. Apparently servo motor was replaced on the off-shift. Tech supposedly single axis mastered the one arm and then calibrated. As soon as they would try to jog the robot they would get a servo fault on the drive and the TP would lock up. For what ever reason they decided to start loading images.... They said they had the same issue with all the images they tried.

    When I came in they had just installed an image from 2020. I single axis mastered all 6 axis and then calibrated. No issues. Loaded the latest AOA backup and we are back in production. Any ideas on what could cause their issue with it locking up?

    Is it possible to single axis master / calibrate a robot without an install level password. Wondering if I can give enough access to the "maintenance" level to avoid handing out the install password.

    Screenshot of my program. Currently working for the F200. I have not tested on an R2000. Requires Karel and Roboguide. Roboguide is used to compile the code using the command prompt utilitys.

    The program I'm referring to is one I've written to convert g-code to robot tp code. Its similar to Fanuc's Shape-gen but accepts input from any cam software. The main reason I'm using this vs Octopuz or equivalent is I've programmed in a crude cutter compensation to adjust for the robot rigidity and accuracy.

    I'm fully aware of the limitations of the F200, which is basically just 6 ballscrews. I know they have a small market so I'm guessing your experience is more from a typical R2000 or equivalent. For my application a typical cnc (10 in the shop) are too slow, so we have 20+ F200's. The components I'm machining have quite large tolerances .010" size, .040" TP. Basically just different shapes and features machined into an aluminum extrusion.

    I mainly just curious if anyone else is machining with an F200 or the more standard robots. What works, what does not. Things like that.

    I'm working on a simple CAM to robot translation program and was wondering how many people were machining with fanuc robots and what type they are using. The company I work for is machining aluminum extrusions up to 8mm thick using F200 robots.

    The company I work for in Michigan will be decommissioning 13 C3G+ Controllers in the next few months. Not sure if anyone is still running these, and is in the market for spare parts.

    I had a slightly different error, but it turned out my company had to give me admin access to my laptop to get roboguide to work correctly.

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