ASCII format backup

  • Good evening

    I would need your help.

    Is it possible to save the backup from the robot yaskawa DX200 in ASCII format on a pen drive?

    In what way?

    Thank you for your support

  • In the rear part of the pendant there is a USB port, insert a pen here. Then go to the main menu, in the second page there is a button called EX.MEMORY.

    Click on in, then select DEVICE to specify that you want to save through the usb port.

    Then click on SAVE, select the data that you want to save( job, cio list, parameter etc...)

    You can also create a folder and save all stuff there.

  • i hope you never opened .JBI file, you can open robot program with notpad and read it and make changes.

    and if you backup, all type files you can open it with notepad.

  • Thanks for your answer, but my question was whether it was possible to save the backup in ASCII format.

    As ravitejagali said you can open this file with an editor and select the format that you want.

    I use notepad++ or the lister funciton of Total Commander(very very powerful tool). Except for the CMOS file, all other files that you save from a controller could be readable in ASCII, ANSI or whatever you want.

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