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    DIN LB001 SOUT#(60)

    write in byte or local bytes and use in programm (1 in zone 0 not in zone)

    example looks something like this

    IFTHEN LB001=1 AND ( IG#(240)=3 OR IG#(240)=2 )

    SETE P080 (3) 100000


    SETE P080 (3) -100000


    SETE P080 TL#


    Im having orientation problem, tried to change S2C430 parameter to 1 where the orientation of T axis should be constant but still it is changing. Please look at the pictures, the orientation from roby what I will (Ori_Good) and the orientation what my Calculated Point(Ori_Bad) do’s photos

    Sorry. Can you be a bit more specific. I do not understand what your question is here.

    For Ex: ablage_vor1 = {X 0, Y 0, Z 0, A 0, B 0, C 0} this position variable I declared it as E6pos which also includes E1 to E6 real values and status S, Turn T values. Should I need to declare these values also.

    What I am doing is Very Simple, I go to my Pick Grip pos and see the actual position ans save this value and write it in my BASE_FRAME, Now I have shifted my Frame to PICK pos w.r.t this I calculate my Pick before pos and Pick after pos.

    hallo Fubini, its really usefull info. working with frames, tool offsets and user offsets i feel like fanuc and motoman little easy for me, but kuka can do alot. Other question regarding E6pos, -how about s, t values and E1 as this ís linear axis Im having the value it in my .Xpos

    An the controller is absolutely right: You set the velocity for E1 in line 31 which obviously is after your initial PTP in line 27.

    Also you miss out completely on setting the Acceleration on E1 using $ACC_EXTAX[1]. Again the controller speaks the truth.


    Hallo Fubini,

    Thank U. As per Manuals the variables $VEL_EXTAX and $ACC_EXTAX are type of int and does the controller itself takes ptp as % and lin as m/sec :thinking_face::thinking_face:. And in other programs I didnt declared these variables though working :confused_face:

    Hallo All,

    Im new with KUKA for calculating points, 6 Axis Robot with Linear Unit(KL3000). Would like to know where am I doing mistake. I go to my Grip position and look at actual position and write it in Base_Data, So looks approx. program:

    Initial PTP Point itself, throwing velocity and acceleration of
    E1 Axis not programmed..

    Many thanks for your time and consideration.

    I have DX100 controller with two robots. Is it possible to override speed in that way for each robot seperately? It is very important for me to have them running with different speeds.

    Hallo All,

    How to control Override % , with one controller (YRC1000) with two robots and one positioner(R-250).

    If I am changing S4C287 my IG number changing complete override. Is it possible to change for individual robot?

    If you change the value in fdat, there will be no error, robot moves with changed tool.

    If you change the movement in HMI afterwards, you have to pay attention. The HMI uses different entries in the fold, and if you change only the speed in the online statement, HMI will change back the tool to the older value 😮. Crash can happen.

    Thanks for your info :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

    modifying inline form instructions (ILF) requires care because HMI makes changes in more than one place. --> loacl variables(local program position variables) are ment only for local programms I hope. You mean if position name is no where used except in the local progam still it changes the config of tool for other points :exclamation_mark::exclamation_mark:

    if you are learning how to manipulate ILF instructions by text editor, make change using HMI and compare before/after in BOTH files (SRC and DAT).--

    if you want to find out what happens if you make particular change (in certain places only), try to run it and see how it behaves,

    but keep in mind that you may be putting yourself and others in harms way. so always test changes in T1.--> For sure Not, no one will do like that atleast myself. I asked clearly (If I change tool by fdata, what happens? Does it brings tool mismatch error or does it moves to new tool point p1)

    SLIN P1 Vel=2 m/s CPDAT1 Tool[1]:Toolo Base[0]

    Here point p1 is taught with Tool no 1 and base no 0.

    Inside folds we have fdata (frame data) , for the above point p1 fdat looks like this



    If I change tool by fdata, what happens? Does it brings tool mismatch error or does it moves to new tool point p1

    are you talking about external means of way.? Or with robot teachpendent you dont need any extra software you can go FCTN key print or menu file save as ls file....

    Otherway around (.ls to .tp) you need ascii uploader installed on ur controller

    or u need any interpreter on pc that converts tp to ls🤔🤔🤔🤔?

    I don't think, but you can make this verification in karel if you have the option installed.

    1) Hallo, With Karel, how can I get a program exists or not, I hope default folder is MD:\,

    PROGRAM Kareltest



    IF (MD:\Test_Name) THEN

    DOUT[238]= TRUE


    DOUT[238]= FALSE


    END Kareltest


    2) Does karel logic runs as BGLOGIC or does it raises mixed logic error?


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