How to do a "trigger collision " alarm

  • Here comes one of my stupid beginner questions again;)

    I need to set the sensitivity in the event of a collision. Have the problem with our VISION that appeared from nowhere, where the robot picks something wrong, and then the detail puts the wrong on the regrip.

    But would have to get the robot to trigger a "collision alarm" when this happens, but the robot continues. The detail thus does not get down to its usual position but is left in a twisted position which the robot should be able to detect.

    Is this MotionSup (Motion Supervision) to use?

    Want to be able to set this sensitivity until we have been able to troubleshoot where the error in vision lies ..

  • In order for motion supervision to work optimally you MUST have proper loaddata for your EOAT. Prerequisite to running the LoadID program you should have entered any Armloads, if applicable. I have seen many programmers fail to do that step. Read up on those in your system parameter manual. Then run LoadID. You can use the instruction as above if you have the option for Collision detection and Motion supervision. Actually, you will not be able to run LoadID if you do not have that option. And referring to triggering the motion supervision alarm, there is a system output that you can configure for that. You will also find out more about this in your system parameter manual.

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