IRB 3000 Easy program help

  • Hi!

    I would like to create a test program for IRB 3000, M88-M90.

    Where all axis are tested and it just "loops" until i manually turn it off. (This will be used for testing used drive unit cards)

    I do not have any programming software except for the teach pendant..

    Is it possible to create an something like this?

    I´m really new to the area so all help is much appreciated.


    Best Regards

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  • To me, typing through the pendant is your best option. It's rather simple except for only having the one line at a time visible. Many of the menus are set up to have most used instructions/functions first - you'll be pressing 'SCAN' automatically after a while.

    Keep in mind the M93 programming manual may have a few more functions than your older operating system.

    Reading thru other S3 related posts will help. Don't hesitate to post if you run into issues that don't make sense after reading the manual.

  • As Skooter pointed, S3 pendant is the safest option, but there is a Norwegian company called PPM Robotics that developed a software called Sport S3, which allowed some offline programming and backup management for older S3 controllers.

    The software isn't listed on their site now, so I think it isn't under development anymore.

    But You can try to contact them and see if they still offer it.

  • Hi again guys!

    Thanks for your answers.

    Will begin this project today, wish me luck!

    Are there any "learn" functions for these set of robots where i can control it manually and then it just copies what i just did?

    Or can you give me any tips with easy programming itself? Entirely new to this sort of programming, so i guess this will take a while.. :)

    The robot dowes not have anything on the arm. I just want the 6 axis to move, no need to operate lika an usual robot in any way.

    Perhaps someone can write me an easy instruction list that i can follow to create this sort of program?

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