Kawasaki BX165L

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to know if you have got some issue with Kawasaki robot about mechanical issues, in specific when arm balancer cylinder has gas pressure loss , I can not figure out why this mechanical issues make robot changes its motion and path , with a kind of shaking movement affecting our application process, it supposed to catch with accuracy parameter or triggering some alarm like error E1128 " Uncoincidence error between destination and current Jtxx position" . however it does not happen.

    I really appreciate if somebody of you has been dealing with this kind of problem, and would likje to share any advice for me

    Kind regards.

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  • Welcome to the forum...………..:beerchug:

    Gas spring pressure should be routinely checked at approx. 5000hrs interval.

    Recommendation if regular pressure loss is to replace the assembly completely, especially when approaching >15000hrs.

    So if you are experiencing regular loss of pressure, this needs to investigated and rectified and not relied upon for an error to direct you to the problem.

    it supposed to catch with accuracy parameter or triggering some alarm like error E1128 " Uncoincidence error between destination and current Jtxx position" . however it does not happen.

    How do you know this for sure?

    That error code is not specifically assigned to gas pressure loss as it covers a whole host of possibilities.

    You need to understand, that gas pressure spring is designed to assist with forward/backward dynamic motion and does not include 'drive' capability.

    It will apply opposite force to motor only and if this is overcome, only then could it have an impact on encoder reading.

    If no impact on encoder reading (even if arm appears to be juddering), then no error would occur.

    Juddering may also be due to internal spring failure within assembly, but again, if encoder value is forced to different value, then an error will be produced.

    But if this force does not overcome motor torque, then you may not see error.

    Therefore overall instability may not be impacting on encoder values, therefore, this would never trigger failure alarms especially for coincidence errors.

    Again, the only thing I can suggest is to:

    1. Maintain regular maintenance as recommended by Kawasaki in Maintenance Manuals.

    2. Replace assembly if it is found to defective.

    3. If you think a specific monitor/alarm/warning should be available for pressure loss, raise this with Kawasaki directly, as they are the OEM of the product.

  • Yes, I would agree.

    I've dealt with numerous 'aged' Kawasaki robots and on average, the manipulators that have been regularly maintained form the minority of failures.

    Obviously this is not a hard fast rule, things can fail at any time nowadays of the wind changes direction.

    But Kawasaki (IMHO) offer the a very good reliability and longevity record.

    The predecessor series (UX and ZX) had a spring only balancer which (again IMHO) was the better solution from a maintenance perspective and the change to gas assist has not convinced me of a direct/equal comparison yet...…….due to the fact of replenishment requirements.

    Time will tell though...………...

  • Something you may find of use that I have found - see attached.

    I think it is an option that you may need to purchase, consult your Kawasaki distributor for further details.

    This is information I have recently obtained, please don't ask me anything on it as I haven't used it.

  • Have you checked to see if mounting bolts have come loose allowing the arm to move, rock, or shake? Have you checked the mechanic of the arm? Stretched out joints 2 and 3 and shook the arm making sure the back lash is good and all mechanical elements besides the balancer is not failing? Is your arm reaching extremely beyond its working range of motion with a heavy dress package and E.O.A.T.? Just because the arm is rated for a weight, the further it reaches it looked how much it can carry.

  • You're welcome, I just stumbled across the information and thought you'd benefit from it.

    Kawasaki have this habit of introducing new features to integrators, relying on them to promote/distribute it.....and sometimes they don't.

    Some interesting information in there for sure.

    Obviously requires some reading and accurate setup details, but overall when configured could assist with early warning and preventative maintenance measures, especially if you are using multiple robots with similar configurations.

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