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    Dear all,

    I was wondering if someone of you have run the dry mode for the robot processes, I mean I have to audit real consumption for several processes such as sealer , Mig Weld , etc, against engineering specs, I want to run this test without robot motion, then programs run which activate solenoids valve, servo motors an other control devices, in order to get same material quantity is used in the automatic robot operation.

    If you have any advice how to do it in safe and proper way I will really thank to you.

    Regards and Good Day.

    Something you may find of use that I have found - see attached.

    I think it is an option that you may need to purchase, consult your Kawasaki distributor for further details.

    This is information I have recently obtained, please don't ask me anything on it as I haven't used it.

    I really appreciate your collaboration and knowledge sharing

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to know if you have got some issue with Kawasaki robot about mechanical issues, in specific when arm balancer cylinder has gas pressure loss , I can not figure out why this mechanical issues make robot changes its motion and path , with a kind of shaking movement affecting our application process, it supposed to catch with accuracy parameter or triggering some alarm like error E1128 " Uncoincidence error between destination and current Jtxx position" . however it does not happen.

    I really appreciate if somebody of you has been dealing with this kind of problem, and would likje to share any advice for me

    Kind regards.

    Could somebody support to me, i have a Kawasaki spot welding which I want to enable part check function in order to detect when bracket is missing or misplaced previous to spot weld. Even tough I follow Kawasaki user manual procedure , it did not work yet.

    I will really appreciate if somebody has had an experience with this function and can support to me to succeed with this project.

    Regards and thanks in advance.

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