Signal for Operation Level

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    I came up with the idea to limit some functions of the program for ordinary operators. I know that Kawasaki has 3 levels of access. At the moment they work at level 2 but I would like to add functionality that can only be called from level 3 after entering the password. In other words, I set on the IFP a button with a lamp that should be active, after moving to level 3. For levels 1 and 2, gray backlight, for level 3, red backlight.

    I can't find the variable name in the manual that is responsible for the current access level.

    Does such a system variable exist and can I use it directly?


    IF OP_LVL = 3 THAN
    SIGNAL dm.redbutton


    SIGNAL - dm.redbutton


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  • You can restrict some functions by setting the level. From Aux functions ---> 8. System there are 96 and 97 options, take a look and see if that help. I don`t know if there any information if the robot is on a certain level, it might be, but i don´t know it.

  • I am pretty sure there is no such variable that exists on the front end for this (I may be wrong).

    Possibly because it is always available for view on the TP and also because you can freely change between levels without needing to be in a specific level in order to get to a different level, just my opinion...………...

    Aux 0896 and Aux 0897 are setup as default bias towards level 2.

    Aux 0898 is used to toggle between level 1 and level 2.

    From a GUI perspective level 3 is selected by an alternative Aux Function.

    From an AS perspective, you can use the OPERATOR command as a monitor command in order to alter operation levels using the keyboard, external terminal or programmatically.

    But I think this can only be done programmatically between level 1 and level 2.

    I have never been able to set level 3 from a program or PC Task. (It may not be possible).

    The Controller will only power up/reboot into what the level is set at via Aux 0898.

    Which means you can never bootup/reboot into any other level other than what is set in Aux 0898.

    (Unless you were to use an autostart.pc task on startup to select level 1 or level 2).

    Taking this into account, you can therefore 100% guarantee upon bootup/reboot, level 3 is not valid:

    - By Aux 0898.

    - By use of an autostart.pc task on power on.

    I could write a PC Task to allow a user to select between level 1 and level 2 using internal signals/variables by inputting them into a IFP Page.

    - If level 1, use the IFPDISP command in a loop to effectively lock the TP into the IFP area of the TP.

    - Removing access to everything as IFPDISP always turns on the respective IFP Page no.

    - If level 2, go outside of the level 1 loop preventing the IFPDISP command executing.

    - Allowing full access to Teach Screen and all the other functions.

    - But I would also use Aux 0896 and Aux 0897 to select what level 2 can do, and level 3 can do.

    This way I can effectively control and manage the TP usage and accessible areas as long as the PC Task is running.

    I could effectively lock it all out and ONLY by able to go into level 3 by using an external connection using KCWin/KRTerm.

    What I can't do is effectively track the operator level, but in the above case, I wouldn't have to.

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