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    I'd like to change the displacement and rotation of tool without entering MainMenu->Robot->Tool.... Like belowe.

    All i want is to put some Variables in I/F Panel, and after calculations assign values to this Tool or UF.

    Really additional software option is only possible way to do it ? How creepy....

    Jak dużo masz tych programów ?

    Chyba najprościej stworzyć tablice z parametrami receptury, a w HMI Easy dodać zmienną "Numer Programu", która będzie indeksem tablicy.


    P20, P30, P40, P50 and P60 are evenly set on the quater of circle (calculated and set into robtarget). All points got same Y coordinate..

    From point P20 I wish to make smooth move throught path :

    1:MOVEC P30,P40

    2:MOVEC P50, P60

    3:MOVEC P50, P40

    4:MOVEC P30, P20

    Between moves 2 and 3 arm slightly deviates from Y coordinate.

    I tried to set stop point in P60 but nothing changed.
    I noticed that if robot Tool0 is in Y- Word coordinate, deviate is in Y+ direction, and if tool0 is in Y+ Woord coordinate system deviate in opposite direction.

    I am using Stationary tool. Payload calculated by LoadIdentyfi. Tools, workobject and robtargets calculated not teached.

    Below i put materials with this phenomenon.


    Is it possible to avoid this occurrence ?

    If you have any questions I am at your disposal.
    I'll be glad for any help.

    Have a nice day,
    Dawid Firlej


    maybe it is stupid question but... I had to check, if controller witch is storing at magazin for 3 years, is able to work. I am lazy, and i tried to run it up without connected robot. I got same problem like in this topic, but now i wander if this situation could be cause by unplugged manipulator ?

    Ohhh i am newbie in industrial protocols, its my first project connected with that... Anyway thx for help ;)

    Is it possible to send to IRC5, REAL data type as words via ProfibusDP?
    Maybe some libraries ? I want to use them as corrections for critical positions and wobj coordinates.


    i want to connect IRC5 Profibus anybus (Master) with PLC Beckhoff CX9020 EL6731-0010 (Slave). So far i got problem with .GSD file. I downloaded GSD file for EL6731 and i don't know how to install it on IRC5. When i am trying transfer files via FTP, then transfer error occuried. I tried to do it also in Robot Studio, but i dont know how. Can somebody tell me how to instal EL6731 GSD file on IRC5 ?
    Contact with my local ABB Support is hard...

    Thanks in advance.

    Dawid Firlej


    i am new in Yaskawa (Little bit experienced in another robots), but i have problem to find explanation of system variable $PX011. Maybe some of you can tell me what happend with the PX021 in this code:

    Thanks in advance'

    Best regards,
    Dawid Firlej

    Hi ;)

    I came up with the idea to limit some functions of the program for ordinary operators. I know that Kawasaki has 3 levels of access. At the moment they work at level 2 but I would like to add functionality that can only be called from level 3 after entering the password. In other words, I set on the IFP a button with a lamp that should be active, after moving to level 3. For levels 1 and 2, gray backlight, for level 3, red backlight.

    I can't find the variable name in the manual that is responsible for the current access level.

    Does such a system variable exist and can I use it directly?


    IF OP_LVL = 3 THAN
    SIGNAL dm.redbutton


    SIGNAL - dm.redbutton


    aHi friends

    I have a problem with data created using DataStorage. I'm using a D7x controller that has RS232, PCMCIA and TCP / IP ports.

    Of course, I connect to it using TCP / IP.

    The problem is that data from DataStorage can only be saved on device 0: PC card (CF memory + PCMCIA adapter), and CF cards supported by this controller have long ceased to be produced (max 128mb), and i cant find the any good one.

    Is there any way to download the .CSV file created by DataStorage?

    I save data in temporary memory, can I download the controller RAM to an external PC using TCP / IP or at least RS232?

    Maybe you know where i can buy CF cards that are supported by this controler (List in attachment)

    God Bless You !!

    It works great, as i wished.

    Earlier i was trying with device number but i put "," against of ":" after that, and there was syntax error that i couldn't recognize ;)


    I have a problem with the PROMPT instruction

    The conditional instruction is executed in the parallel program autostart2.pc

    When calling the PROMPT command, a keyboard should appear on the screen and the option of entering $diemension and $radius, but nothing happens. The program stops and stops following the instructions, but the keyboard does not appear.

    Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem and knows how to solve it?


    Easier than i thought. My mistake as i thought.

    The main reason why the program did not open:
    In the PROC szlifuj(), the next condition for the IF loop was IF instead of ELSEIF.

    In addition, I generated a bad move MoveL instead of MoveC, also in PROC szlifuj()

    I apologize for the confusion, but maybe someone will meet a similar problem someday and my case will help.

    May the gods guard your well being,
    Dawid Firlej


    I have a problem with opening the program. IRB 2400 robot with S4C + controller. After uploading the file to the controller, about 360KB, I try to open it. At the beginning there is information that the program is loading, and after a while the screen shows "Program not available" (in German:Kein programm vorhanden). In my opinion, the structure of the program is correct:
    PROC 1 ()
    PROC 2 ()
    PROC haupt ()

    Has anyone encountered such a situation?
    What is the procedure for opening the program by the controller and why does not it open in my case?

    Previously, it opened to me similar programs with more data, so I reject the idea that there are too many variables.

    I'm kind to please help. Today, a Swiss delegation arrives and would like to see how the program works

    Source code:

    Thanks for the help guys, but I still can not solve the problem.
    Where can I find sio.cfg parameters?

    I'm trying to create an NFS server on windows 7 using the HaneWin program, but it's complicated.
    Does anyone have any experience in connecting to S4C using NFS?

    In the systemparameters-> physical chanel
    I have set only 2 SIO connections with the configuration as for the RS-232 serial port.
    I can create a third Ethernet channel.

    In the systemparameters-> transmision protocol
    I can add: XON / XOFF, SLIP, TCP / IP, RTP1

    and finally in the systemparameters-> application protocol
    I can not add anything. When I try to set the TYPE, the "Parameter Fehlen!" Error appears (Teachpendant I have in German).

    Does anyone of you have any manual to connect Windows 7 with ABB S4C?

    Thanks for help and Best regard,
    Dawid Firlej