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    You can find some information about some Z-Switch settings from the AS software history changelog.

    For example:

    2) JT6 rotates in reverse during linear interpolation, and (E1128)JT6 axis

    mismatch error occurs.

    [Maintenance Switch] ZCHKROT6_REVERSAL

    Switch to display the processing time of singularity

    avoidance move.

    It is not saved and turned off when the control power supply

    is turned off and on.

    ON : Modify Enable

    OFF: Modify Disable

    default : OFF (shipment setting : ON)

    Personally, i did not change any Z-switch.


    You can find some information about those switches in the Operational manual chapter 8 Auxiliary Functions/ aux 0502. Are you looking for something specific?

    Default value is false, if you deselect it will not call the program according to the signals, do you have pg programs? I am not using this function, dont think that i have ever used it.


    Like i said i did not connect the safety part with the Cubic-S and maybe the procedures might be different. I can not guide you how to connect because i dont have any experience with the Cubic-S.

    What i can tell you, is the procedure that i am using...

    For the robot i am using 2 safety circuits with each F-DQ address. I am using safety relays from SICK (RLY3-OSSD400) for each safety circuit.

    From the robot part there is only one F-DI connected to the robot, but if you have other emergency stop

    it will have a different F-DI address.

    For the door circuit i collect all the information from the devices that are connected in the area (doors, safety light curtains) and all devices have different F-DI adresses.

    In one case i used SENDDP and RCVDP blocks in order to receive safety information from other machines.

    You can find some instructions in the as programming manual.

    Which robot are you using and what kind of controller do you have?

    If you need some help how to Connect to the robot, please ask.

    I have connected the safety part from the robot with a F-CPU but the robot was not using Cubic-S. Could you please tell what external inputs do you have from Cubic-S? For E-Stop circuit i was using the connection from X7 and for the door circuit the connection from X8.

    You are in the wrong section, you should create a new topic.

    The robot was working fine before you changed the battery? Do you have a backup before you changed the battery?

    Go to Aux Function --> Advanced Setting --> Zeroing --> Zeroing Data Set/Display and check the numbers,

    all numbers should start with 2684 .... if the number is different you have to do the zeroing again.

    You can use TWAIT function for some delays...

    Your code might look Something like:

    SWAIT 1015 waiting for input signal 1015 to be on

    TWAIT 0.5 wait 0.5 seconds

    GOTO 100 jump to 100 label

    Ok, now i have seen, but now you have 8 grippers, so you need to add 2 signals more

    IF SIG(1015,1016,1017,1018,1019,1020,1021,1022) THEN

    n_pick_failed = 0


    n_pick_failed = 1

    GOTO exit_routine


    The numbers are already set in the init_vars, but i usually work with array indexes, for example

    di_bat_pres[1] = 1015

    di_bat_pres[2] = 1016



    di_bat_pres[8] = 1022

    and you can check in the load_cells or pick_cells programs like this:

    For .i = 1 TO 8

    IF SIG(di_bat_pres[.i]) == TRUE) THEN

    n_pick_failed = 0


    n_pick_failed = 1

    GOTO exit_routine



    Thank you for the feedback. It is good that you managed to change the programs.

    Also in the program plc_load_cells or plc_pick_cells you dont check if the robot picked properly all bateries. The code exists, but it is commented, for example this:

    ;IF (SIG(di_bat_1_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_2_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_3_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_4_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_5_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_6_pres)==TRUE) THEN ;OR (SIG(di_bat_7_pres)==TRUE) OR (SIG(di_bat_8_pres)==TRUE) THEN ;Check to make sure there are no batteries present

    ; n_pick_failed = 1

    ; GOTO exit_routine


    ; n_pick_failed = 0

    ;Do Nothing


    ; in front of the line means that the code is commented. What kind of batteries does the robot handles?

    You want that the PLC checks the actual location against the last known location and either faults, prompts if the robot can move to home position or execute the last assigned recovery routine ??