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  • What would be the best literature or material I could obtain that gave the best holistic approach to working with Fanuc Robots? I've been a Tech for two years, but don't have much expierence with the communication and interface options between machines and equipment(I/0, ethernet/tcp, internet).A step be step explanation on error codes and recovery steps would be nice as well. We use multiple dual cell and single cell 120i, R-30iB plus for welding operations, with I/0 interface to fixture and work cell. I've heard how hard it is to find material on Fanuc and have bookmarked all the great information made available on this forum. I just wanted to check if there was any literature recommendations that could serve me well.

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  • Fanuc actively prevents that information from getting out. They want you to go to there classes. PDF's are copy write material, they also prevent you from copying and pasting from the PDF's.

    If you have access to a robot, it came with a CD that has all the PDF's on it, each is named book1.pdf (yes I mean all the pdf's are named book1.pdf)

    However, they leave out all the details. You can call tech support. If you have the F number of the robot and ask a very specific question, they will email an excerpt from a PDF. but it will not be of much help.

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