Is it OK to maintain KUKA code on git?

  • Hi All,

    I have a few questions regarding KUKA code and version control.

    Is it ok to maintain KUKA code on github/gitlab?

    What files/directories are recommended to be on git?

    Has anyone tried it out? Please share the best approach to practice it?


    • Helpful

    There's no reason that KRL code cannot be maintained on Git. I've done it in the past. The vast majority of program and configuration files on a KRC are in ASCII text of some kind (the only exceptions I can think of offhand being RSI and FTC programs). You can keep the non-ASCII files in Git as well, you just won't be able to use the Diff tools on them.

    What directories you want to keep in Git will depend on what you anticipate changing. Usually, end-user program code is contained in /R1/Program/, but can also be located in almost anywhere in /R1/, especially since you can create your own custom directories under that directory. Not to mention, end-user code may be include changes made to pre-installed KUKA modules like $CONFIG.DAT and SPS.SUB.

  • Thank you SkyFire!!!

    I have started maintaining the KUKA code on the git repo. I'm interested in keeping the code changes on the git. As of now, I ignored the registry and log files. It seems to me that keeping C on the git is also an overkill but I'm still contemplating whether I should completely ignore it or keep the ProjectRoot (wvs) directory and contents.

  • Thanks to both of you for the invaluable suggestions.

    I started maintaining the robot source code on the git and I must say I have to work diligently as the information with each change in the code becomes superfluous.

    I will try to post my learning in the process.

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