indirect addressing

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to address my I/O-s indirect in the RAPID program. I know that in the Fanuc environment I can easily address my I/O-s something like these:

    GI[R[100]]. so if I change my register value to R[100]=5 it will refer to the GI[5] group input.

    And in RAPID program i want something like this:

    If I have I/O-s with this given name: gi_1,gi_2,gi_3,...gi_10

    VAR num index



    So with the index variable I can change the I/O number. Thank you for the help in advance.

  • AD
  • I hope this code snippet helps with what you're trying to do:

    The routine links IO variables in the program to the actual IO configured ion the EIO.SYS file. This allows you to reference the signal via array index using the index variable.

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