Fanuc R-30iA Mate controller i/o information

  • Long story short, we are trying to get this robot up and running to do some activities with children in a month or so. We are attempting to locate the i/o's but this robot apparently doesn't have any. Lincoln and Fanuc haven't been very timely in getting a response to me, but does anybody know what exactly we need to have 10 or so i/o's installed on this robot? currently there is nothing plugged into the CRMA 15/16 ports, and from what i understand this is where the i/o's should be. Any information helps.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • sorry for the late reply, this is exactly what we had to do. we purchased the honda connector, and we also had to purchase the board to plug the connector into. then we wired up the connector in order to gain some inputs and outputs. But we are up and running, i'll try to post a video when we get it all running! thanks for the help!

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