Fanuc Override adjust

  • Hello

    Robot I'm working on is a R1000iA/100F with R30iA controller.

    I am looking for a way to adjust override speed from an hmi. I would like to have the override mapped to a register, and simply adjust the register.

    I tried adding $MCR.$GENOVERRIDE= [R46] to a BG logic program, the problem is, I can no longer adjust the override percentage from the teach pendant.(since the BG logic instantly changes it back to the register value)

    Is it possible to have it adjustable from both the HMI and the teach pendant?:thinking_face::thinking_face:

    thanks in advance.

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  • Would need to know more about the HMI to be able to answer this. Just a suggestion, it is probably a bad idea to tie anything speed related to BG logic. I can see that going very bad for an operator who doesn't know robots in depth.

  • I believe there is an option to setup 2 Digital IO bits on the robot so that the PLC or HMI can controll the override of the robot.

    Menu -> Setup -> Override Select.

    Just a thought,


    MI Robot Guy

  • Here's one way to handle speed control from system interface. Between UI and robo there is also a PLC where to get the GI

    3: ! Read SpeedRequest from input, ;

    4: ! Write ActualSpeed to output ;

    5: ! =============================== ;

    6: ! Run this program in robot ;

    7: ! BG Logic ;

    8: ! =============================== ;

    9: ! Robot speed = Override % ;

    10: ;

    11: ! Set flag for monitoring ;

    12: DO[234: BG 2 OK]=ON ;

    13: ;

    14: !-------------------------------- ;

    15: LBL[10: Read] ;

    16: !-------------------------------- ;

    17: R[71: Speed request]=GI[7: SpeedOverride] ;

    18: IF (UO[8:TP enabled] OR DI[262: UpdateSpeedRequest]=OFF),JMP LBL[20] ;

    19: $MCR.$GENOVERRIDE=R[71: Speed request] ;

    20: ;

    21: !-------------------------------- ;

    22: LBL[20: Write] ;

    23: !-------------------------------- ;

    24: R[72: Active speed]=$MCR.$GENOVERRIDE ;

    25: GO[4: ActualSpeed]=R[72: Active speed] ;

    26: ;

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