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    Yes I'm not very worried about the vision setup, I am confident enough that I can get that to work. My concerns are the mastering is off.

    and also what happens if I teach a part in irvision, and then move the 7th axis 600 mm away and try to find the part again, what kind of error will be.

    I need to figure out how to get it mastered first thing first.

    rumblefish, Yes it is setup as 7th axis group 1. I can move axis 7 and the TCP stays very close to the same spot so it is setup correctly, I have however noticed that making longer linear moves on the 7th axis with the TCP in the same spot that it moves slightly(roughly 6 mm or so), this makes me suspect the mastering is off. I will like you said mark where I master axis 7 once I am happy with everything.

    When you say use AGFS, that mean automatic grid frame set right? I am not sure how that makes a difference since it doesn't seem to move axis 7 while taking pictures of the grid. Or maybe there's a way to have it move also?

    This particular robot was originally on a 60 foot track with a second robot. I only have a 20 foot section with 1 robot. So I'm thinking I can Master axis 7 wherever I want.

    The other reason I think the mastering is off, I calibrated a irvision camera and tested it, and the results were off when I moved the part. I have done 3 irvision setups in the past so I think I did everything correctly. Maybe there is another way to check mastering to be sure?

    thanks Racermike123 for the response.

    also make sure you're not just adding grease to the zerks. you need to have the grease port open so the excess can flow out. and then you need to run it for a while with the ports open to drain the excess, this is very important or you will risk blowing seals. There are procedures for each robot.


    I am currently working on a Fanuc R2000ib/150U with R30iA Controller.

    This robot is hanging upside down on a 7th axis rail unit, the axis is setup in group 1 as axis 7.

    Question 1:

    The mastering for this robot is incorrect, because the master counts don't match the factory ones. I read on this forum that the vision master option is good way to remaster the robot accurately, but that it only masters axis 2, 3 , 4, and 5. and that axis 1 and 6 are "close enough" with just an eyeball zero witness mastering. assuming this is the case, my axis 1 witness marks are scraped off so I have no way to align it. Does anyone have any way to zero axis 1 accurately without the witness marks?

    Question 2:

    This is my first robot with an extended axis. This robot has irvision. I'm curious how the 7th axis will effect the vision calibration. lets imagine the robot is mounted just a hair off parallel on the rail; unit, which would magnify the error as the robot moves along the rail. how do I deal with this? I assume the same thing applies with user frames? so will I need to always be in the same position on the 7th axis when using irvision or am I overthinking this and it won't be a problem?

    thanks in advance

    I have changed grease on 3 robots in our factory R2000ib/125L, R1000ia/100F, and a R2000ib/150U, and they all used VigoGrease for all the axis according to the manual. only the balancer grease zerks on the R2000ib/125L required different grease.


    I have zero experience with panasonic robots, I have dealt with fanuc only.

    I'm dealing with a Panasonic welding system with 2 positioners, robot controller model no. YA-1TAR. The monitor is telling me "please check the lithium battery. reset the encoder."

    problem is I have no idea where the batteries are, or if its talking about the robots batteries, or the positioners. are they seperate??

    any help is appreciated. thanks.

    Hey Guys

    Where can I get a 3D cad file for a fanuc R2000iB/150U? I have a demo version of roboguide with the robot, maybe I can export it somehow? I would like a robot model for solidworks.



    I recently bought a used fanuc r2000ib 150U that hangs from a fanuc track upside down. I am curious what the best method is to flip it, so I can mount it to the track. I have some manuals, but nothing showing how fanuc recommends doing it. I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips or tricks. we will likely be doing it today, so any timely advice or procedures are appreciated.



    What is the difference between the R30iA controller and the RJ3Ib controller. I have herd they are the same, just with a different name, but noticed the insides look different. also are they both compatible with the same teach pendants? can they both use the touch I-pendant?

    thanks guys.


    I am curious what the main differences are between handling tool, spot tool, and arc tool. for example: can I use a robot running spot tool the same as one running handling tool? or is it completely different?

    I only have experience using handling tool, so I have no idea how the others are. I am mostly interested in robots with R30ia controllers.


    thanks for the reply. I have already bought a used robot in the past, I am mostly aware of what to look for. I am more specifically asking how to get handling tool and or arc tool running on a robot running spot tool, and assuming I need to purchase these from Fanuc, what it might cost roughly.


    If I buy a used Fanuc robot (R30ia controller) and lets say it has spot tool on it, how difficult is it to get handling tool, or arc tool running on this robot? what would it cost?



    Robot I'm working on is a R1000iA/100F with R30iA controller.

    I am looking for a way to adjust override speed from an hmi. I would like to have the override mapped to a register, and simply adjust the register.

    I tried adding $MCR.$GENOVERRIDE= [R46] to a BG logic program, the problem is, I can no longer adjust the override percentage from the teach pendant.(since the BG logic instantly changes it back to the register value)

    Is it possible to have it adjustable from both the HMI and the teach pendant?:/:/

    thanks in advance.


    I purchased option R798 DRAM File Storage a few months ago and have not taken the time to figure it out completely, does anyone know if it's possible to have the programs on a NAS, so that the programs are automatically backed up at all times. does anyone have a detailed manual of how to setup the option? there is not a lot on info in the handling tool manual.

    any help is appreciated. thanks