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    I am curious what the main differences are between handling tool, spot tool, and arc tool. for example: can I use a robot running spot tool the same as one running handling tool? or is it completely different?

    I only have experience using handling tool, so I have no idea how the others are. I am mostly interested in robots with R30ia controllers.


    thanks for the reply. I have already bought a used robot in the past, I am mostly aware of what to look for. I am more specifically asking how to get handling tool and or arc tool running on a robot running spot tool, and assuming I need to purchase these from Fanuc, what it might cost roughly.


    If I buy a used Fanuc robot (R30ia controller) and lets say it has spot tool on it, how difficult is it to get handling tool, or arc tool running on this robot? what would it cost?



    Robot I'm working on is a R1000iA/100F with R30iA controller.

    I am looking for a way to adjust override speed from an hmi. I would like to have the override mapped to a register, and simply adjust the register.

    I tried adding $MCR.$GENOVERRIDE= [R46] to a BG logic program, the problem is, I can no longer adjust the override percentage from the teach pendant.(since the BG logic instantly changes it back to the register value)

    Is it possible to have it adjustable from both the HMI and the teach pendant?:/:/

    thanks in advance.


    I purchased option R798 DRAM File Storage a few months ago and have not taken the time to figure it out completely, does anyone know if it's possible to have the programs on a NAS, so that the programs are automatically backed up at all times. does anyone have a detailed manual of how to setup the option? there is not a lot on info in the handling tool manual.

    any help is appreciated. thanks

    Hello :help:

    I am working with an R2000iB/125L robot R30iA Controller

    Handling Tool V 7.70P/52
    DCS version: 2.0.11

    problem is when i try setting up a cartesian position check I enter user frame "4" and it gives the error "unregistered user frame". I dont know what this means, the manual says nothing about this error. Uframe 4 is definitely taught and works as expected. I have tried applying DCS settings and resetting the controller numerous times but nothing has worked. I have setup another robot before with DCS and I also entered a user frame, but dont remember having this problem before.

    any help is appreciated.

    Hello :help:

    We have 2 fanuc robots at our shop, and i recently noticed they are both due for a grease change. I have the manual for both robots, 1 is a R2000ib/125L and the other a R1000iA/100F. I'm wondering how much grease i should order and from where? basically does it come in grease gun tubes or 5 gallon pails? and is my best bet getting it from fanuc or another company? I am out of Canada, Manitoba if that changes anything.

    thanks in advance.

    thanks guys for the help. :merci:

    in case anyone is interested in the future, the quickest way to get your programs and settings back is restore your "all of the above" backup in controlled start. (restoring back an image will remove the options that you just installed)

    Thanks rafahil thats exactly what I wanted.

    would you happen to know the best way to get my programs and setting back after the update? I did take an image and an all of the above backup just before...

    thanks SHIFT_Lock for the reply. this is however not what i need. With some options fanuc doesn't send you a PAC code, like in my case they sent me a new "core software" which looks exactly like the original that came on the original CF card.

    but i need to know how to upload this new core software. (I've done it once before, but can't seem to figure it out now.)


    I am working on a R2000ib 125L robot with R30iA controller.

    I got a new core software with options from fanuc. I extracted the core to a CF card. can anyone tell me how to load the new core software into the controller?



    I am dealing with an R30iA controller and R2000iB/125L Robot.

    I am trying to figure out the difference between options: "J713 Profibus", "J752 Profibus-DP Master" and "J751Profibus-DP Slave"

    I understand the difference between the master and slave option but what is the J713 Profibus? is it both combined?

    what i need is to have the robot as a master, and im just wondering what my cheapest option is. and roughly what the option might cost.

    any help is appreciated. thanks

    thank you all for the replies.

    Skooter: CRT-17 is exactly what i was looking for, works perfectly. :beerchug:

    HawkME: I didnt want to use the safety fence circuit because it triggers an e stop, and an alarm, which would get really annoying if you use it a lot.

    scotty: that is the option i would have chosen if there was no connector on the panel board, I wanted to avoid tying up an input, and extra wiring.

    I want to add a hold button on the op panel and i'm wondering where to connect it. is there a plug on the panel board where i can connect my push button? I do have the UI's and UOs mapped to flags, so i could simply use an input to trigger UI2 with bg logic, but i would much rather hard wire it in if possible. I am running a Fanuc R1000iA 100F robot, R30iA controller.

    any help is appreciated. :help:

    hi all

    I am working with an R2000ib/125L robot R30ia controller.

    just started getting this error when trying to make new programs. obviously it means im running out of space. when i look in status / memory, im seeing TPP total 700KB and 5KB available

    so the question is what can i do about it? can i just move programs over on a different memory type? do i have to purchase a bigger memory module? is there an option to maybe store programs on network/usb/cf card?

    any help would be appreciated.

    thanks for the responses.

    there is no risk of coming in contact with the robot, by the time the door has swung open the robot could easily and safely perform a controlled stop, and the fencing is a no go zone with DCS. the only reason im persistent with this is i have read in the manuals in a few different areas that it should be doing a C-stop, heres one example from the manual:

    its talking about EAS1 EAS11, EAS2 EAS21

    These signals are used to stop the robot safely when the safety fence gate
    is opened during operation in the AUTO mode. When a contact is open,
    the robot decelerates then stops, and the servo power supply is turned off.
    In the T1 or T2 mode and the DEADMAN switch is held correct position,
    the robot can be operated even when the safety fence gate is open.
    When using the contacts of a relay or contactor instead of the switch,
    connect a spark killer to the coil of the relay or contactor, to suppress
    noise. When these terminals are not used, jumper them.

    thanks again :merci: