edit $vel_axis_ma

  • Hello I am setting up a robot for an application that requires short slow movements.
    Robot must slow down at certain points and then accelerate to normal values.
    I am find parameter $VEL_AXIS_MA and can edit it in $machine.
    When changing in my program, it gives an error "variable is write-protected".

    Is it possible to change it in my application?

    Controller: KR C4
    Robot: KR 210 R2700 extra
    Version: 8.2.20

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  • Hello. No you cannot change this parameter $VEL_AXIS_MA from program... why are you even trying to change speed with this parameter?

    If you use inline forms you have the option to change speed there for every single point you have, if you want from program:
    for PTP you have $VEL_AXIS[axis_number]=0-100 in percentage and for LIN and CIRC moves $VEL.CP=0-3 in m/s.

    for acceleration for PTP moves $ACC_AXIS[axis_nubmer]=0-100 and for LIN and CIRC moves $ACC.CP.

    And you should consider taking proper training...

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  • Hello, yes but you said:

    Robot must slow down at certain points and then accelerate to normal values.

    you never said that you are setting up the machine or external axis, better to clarify things next time to get correct answer...

    $vel_axis_ma is used when you configure for example external axis and it is used to set the declared speed of motor along with gear ratio, etc... that is why you cannot change it from program...

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  • Why do you need to change the speed of the machine? Under what conditions? Why is programming individual point speeds not sufficient?

    If you need to adjust speed of the robot dynamically, between points, $OV_PRO may serve.

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