Robot communication

  • Hello guys,

    I'm a beginner so if it is possible please explain me step by step. How can I use non physical I/O to communicate between Fanuc robot and Siemens PLC, the r30iA is connected to PLC via Ethernet cable, but the only communication we achieved yet is by defining some DI as peripheral devices (rack 48).
    Please help.


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  • Hi,

    There are several communication methods for you, but you should check that what options you have bought.

    1, Siemens PLC can communicate with your robot through TCP/IP, but your robot should have User Socket MSG option;
    2, If your robot has a PROFINET I/O option, you can also communicate with Siemens PLC;
    3, If your robot has Ethernet IP option and PLC has a Ethernet IP gateway module, it is possible to communicate through Ethernet IP.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Hi, Janusz
    First, Open your backup file and find orderfil.dat, then u can see a bunch of (1A05B-2600-Rxxx....), google the Rxxx or search it in Summary.DG one by one then u know all your options.
    Second, u could search this forum about socket message examples, like:

  • Please check your robot whether there is a R648 option in your order file, you can make a AoA backup where you can find this file.

    Yes, if you select the first way, you should create your own socket using karel, you can refer to the example above.

  • OK, I've checked this and my robot has R648 option. How can I start making connection by using socket messaging between PLC and the Robot? I just need to enter this two Karel programs on my PC and Teach Pendant and then it would magically start cooperating, or it is way more complicated?
    If it is possible please explain me it step by step, like I was an idiot

  • Hi Janusz, do you want the FANUC robot to be a Device on your profinet network? You can integrate the FANUC robot controller into TIA portal and configure I/O in that manner as you're used to (including DCS safety signals as an F-device on the Profinet network). As far as I know, this is possible with the R30iB-Plus cabinets (A/B/Mate/Compact) - each has a different hardware approach. The cabinet can be configured as an I-device or I-controller depending on if you have a PLC that you want to act as the master or not.

    I have a 100+ page powerpoint from FANUC on this topic and the contact info for the senior engineer at FANUC working on this product if you want to contact me in a PM.

  • I just want to make simple communication, that won't cost extra money and is easy to implement. I want to set robot inputs from HMI panel and send back information about outputs to PLC. I didn't know that it is complicated AF..

  • Step1, Set your robot and your PLC in the same IP segment.
    Step2, Select PLC as a client, then the robot as a server, it is also ok if you want to swap the two.
    Step3, In the MENU-SETUP-Host Comm, you can find that you can configure a client or server in the list, select one, and fill in the IP address of your PLC. In you karel code like above, you can find the following line.
    MSG_CONNECT('S3:',STATUS) S3 indicates Server 3.
    MSG_CONNECT('C1:',STATUS) C1 indicates Client 1.
    Step4, Input your code and build it in your RobotGuid, it will generate a *.pc for you, you can load this file in your TP.
    Step5, Program your PLC in TIA for receiving and sending.

    Maybe, there will be a lot of problems, but you have to figure it out by yourself.
    I think you can read the manuals regarding karel and socket message first. And then, if you have problems, you can search in this forum.

    Hope that helps.

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