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    Hello Christophe,
    No special configuration is needed, for basic communication. You need the SNPX option on the robot side.
    Look for the HMI SNPX Manual from FANUC. In the manual you can find all the assignments for the I/O, R's , PR's and alarms.

    On Weintek side you can use the following driver: GE Automation -> GE 90-30 on Ethernet and you input the IP of the robot. Make sure that HMI and robot are in the same IP subclass.
    Notes: Even if no SNPX_ASG is configured you can still access I/O's. Please note that in the HMI the type is the other way around as in the robot. So for example to access DI[1] in the robot in the HMI you would use Q_Bit 1.

    Good luck!

    Thank you all for your response, but after reading my post again and looking at the pictures I think my answer would be the same as yours: overexposure problems.
    So let me add some more info:

    - we are using infrared lighting, but the the problem appears even if the ringlight is turned off.
    - in the "nok2_pic" image there is a "crop" (missing pixels) at the middle of the image. This black line can appear in other places of the image also (can be bigger or smaller), but it's always on horizontal direction.
    - all the programs are aborted, the exposure time is Fixed in the vision process. Even if it's an Override instruction somewhere in the program, it cannot be executed because no program is running.
    - the system works ok for days, then it starts to do this kind of problems, then it works ok again.
    - the picture are taken from SNAP&FIND from IE, but it's the same with black lines in iRVision Runtime page.

    I'm starting to think that there is something wrong with main board...


    Unfortunately we are having some problems with the iRVision system. We are having an R30iB Mate controller with a Sony XC56 camera. It seems the connection breaks between the controller and the camera. See the attached pictures. The system was running fine for around 1 year or so.
    We have replaced the camera and the cable with no result. Sometimes it works normally, sometimes it works like in the attached pictures. All the adjustable dipswitches are set like is described in the manual. We have another 20 robots, same application, same version of software/hardware etc. working ok.
    What we've done until now:

    - replace camera.

    - replace cable.

    - measure camera temperature - 30 degrees C.

    - idle_cpu is around 80.

    - camera cable is shieldied in the controller.
    - camera cable is no near frequency inverters, motors, industrial equipment with magnetic field.

    Hello Axillus and welcome to the forum,

    There are some things to consider:

    1. I would replace WAIT FOR statement with a DELAY statement.
    2. If you want to run in parallel with other programs, as dha stated, you would start it with RUN.
    3. If you start it with RUN and you want to run it continously you will need another WHILE or REPEAT loop above WHILE (duration > clock_var) DO

    This loop will provide means on controlling the running/abort status of the program. Just use some virtual outputs (DO's mapped to rack 0, slot 0).
    If you want the program just to finish after logging the data at 20 sec interval you don't need this extra loop.
    In other case, run the program non-stop the program would look like :

      - start recording
        WHILE  (duration > clock_var) DO
      UNTIL DOUT[..]=OFF 

    And you make DOUT[...]=ON in the beginning of the program. If you want to cancel the program you just make DOUT[..]=OFF.

    And also take out SET_PERIOD routine.

    I've made some modifications to your code: