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    Hello guys,
    I have got robot Fanuc LR Mate 200iC and lately I made a program that calls other subprograms responsible for movement in the X, Y and Z axes.

    Main program:
    IF DI[81]=ON,CALL X_
    IF DI[82]=ON,CALL X
    IF DI[83]=ON,CALL Y_
    IF DI[84]=ON,CALL Y
    IF DI[85]=ON,CALL Z_
    IF DI[86]=ON,CALL Z
    JMP LBL[1]

    and all subprograms are the same, for example X_ (X- direction):

    L PR[100] 200mm/sec CNT100

    I wanted to know if it is possible to calculate or predict how much the robot will move on a given axis if I kept the signal at the input signal for example for 5 seconds. The Inputs are setted from PLC, and the communication between them is realized by peripheral I/O

    The robot is placed in class. It is situated between two stations with PLCs (I wrote about wall to make it simple to imagine because the limits in this case are similar) The only communication between robot and PLC is by using few physical I/O.

    The robot won't be used by qualified worker but by students. I want to set some limits, just for being sure, that they won't hit something using robot in jog mode.

    What is DCS, and how can I use it?
    I found in summary.dg:
    DCSU - dual check safety UIF

    I want to know - how can I limit the robots workspace? The range of the robot is too large and I would like to limit it so that it doesn't hit the wall on its right side, and that it can't hit the table on which it is located. I know, that I can set limits for each joint, but it is not a solution. Is there any other way to do it?

    Where can I find status safety on TP? and where is motion/payload set? also I need to know where can I set axis movement limits.

    Thank you for your answer. Do you know where can I find a file with described options numbers? I want to know if I had option to make connection via EthernetIP, Profibus, or Profinet, and check what options we had on the robot.

    I wanted to check what options my robot has, so I tried to do backup
    I've inserted my USB to teach pendant, then I pressed Menu>File>File>F4[BACKUP]
    But there is an information "Device is protected", what should I do???

    I used offset command in my program lately and I'm a bit confused. Here is part of my code:

    PR[10]=PR[10]-PR[10] ; - Reset Value inside the position regiseter
    PR[100,3]=100 ; - And here I would like to set 100mm value on Z axis
    L P[1] 400mm/s FINE Offset, PR[100] ; - I want to move 100mm above my point

    Everything is fine, but it isn't offset in Z axis, but in Y axis - here is my question, WHY?! Where can I change it to be fine?

    I have some problem here: When I want to use one input to call program, and then use second input in my program there is some kind of collision, because I don't know why suddenly ALL inputs are on. Can you explain me why this is happening? how can I avoid this?can't I use two physical inputs at the same time?

    I set the inputs from PLC and they are connected to the robot as a peripheral device


    I just want to make simple communication, that won't cost extra money and is easy to implement. I want to set robot inputs from HMI panel and send back information about outputs to PLC. I didn't know that it is complicated AF..

    OK, I've checked this and my robot has R648 option. How can I start making connection by using socket messaging between PLC and the Robot? I just need to enter this two Karel programs on my PC and Teach Pendant and then it would magically start cooperating, or it is way more complicated?
    If it is possible please explain me it step by step, like I was an idiot

    Hello guys,

    I'm a beginner so if it is possible please explain me step by step. How can I use non physical I/O to communicate between Fanuc robot and Siemens PLC, the r30iA is connected to PLC via Ethernet cable, but the only communication we achieved yet is by defining some DI as peripheral devices (rack 48).
    Please help.


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