LIN_Suchen in KRC

  • Hello, please quys, how is possible to do in KRC something like LINSUCHEN in VKRC ( Lin movement which slows and stops depending on digital input ) ?
    I need it for measurement purposes .
    Thanks for answers.

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  • I need to find out how this works, but i need that robot after that input make som logical circuit(fold) and after that moves to the next point .

  • Thanks for answer, now i know how to do it with interrupt, but there is other problem. In program you can have only 32 interrupts
    and i need it for every measured point for example : when DI (62) = FALSE move to next point ; or something like that, every time i need only to move to next movement command ...
    I checked out KUKA expert manuals, but i cant find suitable solution for that...

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