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    Where can i get this update for smartpad ?(i cant find any at Kuka download center)

    That bug you are describing with the button stayed touched is exactly what is happening to me(fortunateky i dont have o write that much program on pendant )

    Hello guys, this month for the first time i met with the 8.5 KSS and new KCP also

    From KCP iam very confused, cause the ergonomic is much better, but that capacitive screen is terrible :pouting_face:

    For the software, i cannot find any document on KUKA pages describing what is new in comparison with older versions of KSS, for me the big con is that Virtual remote pendant dont work with that unfortunately....

    What is your opinion and experiences with new Kuka ? (maybe some tips)

    Thanks for answer, now i know how to do it with interrupt, but there is other problem. In program you can have only 32 interrupts
    and i need it for every measured point for example : when DI (62) = FALSE move to next point ; or something like that, every time i need only to move to next movement command ...
    I checked out KUKA expert manuals, but i cant find suitable solution for that...

    I need to find out how this works, but i need that robot after that input make som logical circuit(fold) and after that moves to the next point .

    Hello, please quys, how is possible to do in KRC something like LINSUCHEN in VKRC ( Lin movement which slows and stops depending on digital input ) ?
    I need it for measurement purposes .
    Thanks for answers.

    Hello guys, why are in dramat editor undo / redo buttons (and they are gray ), will it need some settings to work properly ,or its a future feature ?

    Hello, i have a issue with logic in VKRC

    I need to use IF and THEN , but as you know, in VKRC they are not available , how to bypass it ? ( I need to do simple Macros and in our company we want to have it standardized between most of the robot types) ?
    Syntax from Fanuc macro that i need to implement in VKRC 4 :

    1: DO[314:Wait for TSLock]=ON ;
    2: WAIT (DI[315:TScan Lock]=ON AND DI[320:Lock 6D Valid]=ON OR DI[313:Live Bit]=OFF OR DI[321:Lock TimeOut]=ON OR DI[323:AS Run]=OFF) ;
    3: IF (DI[315:TScan Lock]=ON AND DI[320:Lock 6D Valid]=ON) THEN ;
    4: DO[318:Trigger Start]=ON ;
    5: WAIT (DI[319:Trigger Started]=ON OR DI[321:Lock TimeOut]=ON OR DI[313:Live Bit]=OFF OR DI[323:AS Run]=OFF) ;
    6: ENDIF ;
    7: DO[314:Wait for TSLock]=OFF ;

    Thanks for answer

    Hello, i have to make VKRC4 project on KRC4 robot - i´ve already seen this on one training, where they just switched SSD with KRC project with SSD with VKRC and everything goes well .
    Is here anybody who made this already ?
    Have i only to make image from VKRC robot and change the components in work visual , or something else ?

    Thanks for answers

    I have a very long scanning program ,i thinked that this function can be used as additional protection ,but i want to use it all along the robot path .
    I tried to do some test program and after 10 cycles i insert some 50-60kg boxes in to the robot path ,but he doesnt stop. So think i right that this function is dedicated only for picking up parts with manipulators from pallets ?

    Hello, I have to make collision detection on KUKA VKRC4 in VW standard. I know that i have to use TECH_2 Koll_Ueb function start lernen for few cycles of existing program ,but how works offset in that function and how many Bereich(zones) i have to use in that function?

    Thanks for your advice

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