RSI 3.1 Setup

  • Hello
    I am using a KRC4 with RSI 3.1 and I am trying to configure it
    The KRC4 is in a network alongside 2 computers

    krc4 has ip

    all with

    everyone can ping anyone ( from krc4 side I ping from windows minimizing the HMI )

    I have copied the files RSI_Ethernet.src, RSI_Ethernet.rsi, RSi_Ethernet.rsi.xml, RSI_Ethernet.rsi.diagram, RSI_EthernetConfig.xml to the right folders according to the manual
    I have added the ip address to the program RSI-Network (found in the windows start menu)
    I have added the ip address to the RSI_EthernetConfig.xml

    When i start the server program, that came along with the other files, I get the following messages:

    Listen on IP-address:fe80::94f3::56b etc etc
    Some error occur while check IP-address
    and it shows nothing

    I know I should use the ip for the .xml that the server program should provide if it worked, but I have no idea what ip I must use to the RSI-Network

    Also in the log file of rsi I find:

    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:22:07.596 : Unerwarteter Zustandsόbergang: INIT -> ERROR
    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:22:07.596 : Implizite Abschaltung durch den Treiber!
    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:25:38.504 : In file /rsi_EthernetXML_IComm.cpp line 256: Error while send data (UDP). code:6
    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:25:38.504 : In file /rsi_EthernetXML_IComm.cpp line 257: Can't communicate to target IP: Port:49152
    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:25:38.504 : In file /rsi_EthernetXML.cpp line 801: Ethernet: Error while send.
    ERROR tLRS_HP 11:25:38.504 : In file /rsi_TaskFrame.cpp line 206: Executing object b255444


  • Which PC are you trying to run the Server program on? How many network interfaces does that PC have? Check the MAC-ID in the error message against the network interfaces -- I've seen issues where the Server program (which is a very simple, bare-bones example) tries to attach to the wrong interface (the wifi adapter on a laptop, for example), and throws errors somewhat similar to that.

    The Serve program needs to open a port on the PC, the same number as the robot RSI XML file has been configured to attempt to reach (49152, according to your error messages), and listen on that port for incoming comm requests from the robot. It appears that your Server program is having issues doing this. This may be a configuration issue in the Server program. It might also be related to any firewall that may be running on your PC. You may want to disable the firewall or add a port exception. Also, downloading NMap and WireShark may be helpful.

  • [size=2]RSI 3.1? is this running on KSS8.2? [/size]

    [size=2]what exactly do you mean by "KRC4 has IP address 172.31.100"?[/size]
    [size=2]RSI needs own virtual etwork adapter (added to KLI) that is created per RSI manual.[/size]

    [size=2]server is very simple... you need to try different index value for network interface until you see confirmation that connection is established with correct adapter (IP address matching RSI interface on KRC4).[/size]

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Update:

    Yes, the software version is 8.2

    What i mean by "krc4 has ip address":
    In the program RSI-Network this address is displayed under Other Installed Interfaces
    plus under Startup-->Network Configuration:
    Windows interface (virtual 5)
    fixed ip address

    About the server program:
    The mac address that was trying to reach was correct, it was the ethernet socket (its a laptop with extra wifi)
    I managed to get it to work, using network interface card index 2
    The message window showed: Listen on IP-address:
    I was able to print some data in the server's display window using netcat on the other computer (with udp)
    So it seems fine laptop's side

    When I try to run the example program RSI_Ethernet.src in T1 i get the follow messages:
    !!! Attention - Sensor correction goes active !!! which I think is normal, so I press OK
    KSS29002 Signal flow (running):object ETHERNET1 returns error RSIBad
    KSS00489 Stop by $CORRECTION function (reset or block selection required)

    and then I have to cancel or reset the program


    <IP_NUMBER></IP_NUMBER> <!-- IP-number of the external socket -->
    <PORT>49152</PORT> <!-- Port-number of the external socket -->
    <SENTYPE>ImFree</SENTYPE> <!-- The name of your system send in <Sen Type="" > -->
    <ONLYSEND>FALSE</ONLYSEND> <!-- TRUE means the client don't expect answers. Do not send anything to robot -->

    What am I missing?

  • Well, either the robot got no response from the server, or got an invalid response. I would recommend having a Wireshark trace active on the port in question and capture any/all TCP/IP traffic when the robot attempts to open communications. If you don't see any packets from the robot, then there is a config error inside the robot. If you get traffic, then it's a matter of looking at the handshakes to narrow down the root cause.

  • UPDATE: I managed to get everything working properly by following this thread:…rum/rsi-ethernet-example/

    My settings:

    Controller (virtual5) checked as windows interface
    Subnet Mask:

    RSI (virtual6)
    Subnet Mask:
    Address Type: Mixed IP Address
    Queue: Filter 6
    Filter 6: Filter Type: IP Protocol
    Filter 6: IP Addresss:
    Filter 6: Subnet Mask:
    Filter 6: Parameters: 17

    Remote PC KLI
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    Remote PC RSI
    Subnet Mask:

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