Checking gap in axes

  • Hi there!!

    A costumer asked me if there is a method to check the gap in a KR16 axes.

    I remenbered that a KUKA employ used a tool similar hand scale weigh.

    So, I would know if someone knows the right name of this tool, and if there is a specific documentation of this process with the ranges of tolerance for a KR16.

    I have already seeked in preventive maintenance manual, but there is no information about in.


  • I think you are talking about 'Check Mastering'. This process checks the zero position of the axis relative to the previous mastering attempt.

    This is done using a KUKA EMT (Electronic Mastering Tool) on KRC2 or an (EMD - Electronic Mastering Device) on KRC4. The KR16 uses a 'Standard' size EMD.
    There is no hard rule as to the allowed tolerance, depends on your application.

  • Hi Mr.E , I am talking about sliping inside gear unit, the method that you mentioned is able to show me just variation in the motor and not in the gears of axes.

    The measurement that I am talking about use a Dynamometer to apply some force on the axis and a comparator clock to show the displacement, but the information we realy need know are:

    The exatly point to apply the force;
    The force necessary to apply in each axis;
    The max displacement for each axis;

    Thank you for your reply Mr. E!

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