How to create a HMI on a Fanuc iPendant (How to run TP Programs without Karel)?

  • Hallo together,


    i have to create a HMI on a Fanuc teach pendant, because the system does not have a PLC. So the HMI should have the following options:
    - Run different tp programs via different buttons (program like "Open Gripper" or "PNS1"...)
    - Change register values (already done)
    - Stop the robot, Run the Home program and maybe continue the program.

    Attention: The robot does not have the KAREL option. The whole HMI has to be programed without any Karel code.

    Actual im done with the design by using microsoft sharepoint designer 2007. But the most important step where i am stucking is, run different programs via different buttons. I already tried the option by creating a custom menu and adding an image by a button and add a HTML Hyperlink "/Softpart/GENLINK?Current=menupage,31,250" to the image. But dont understand how to run a second tp program with that option. Is there a different way to run TP Programs by a button?
    Does anybody have a list with an overview of all Softpart ID's and Screen ID's? Then i would create more custom menus and add tp programs to the menus. :hmmm:

    Thanks for the help! :merci:

  • You can map button on HMI to FLAG and map UOP RSR to that flag.

    You can than add combo box and set DataType to string register and ProgType 1-TP. With this combo box you can select one of your TP programs and in RSR you can have CALL SR[x] instruction.

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