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    Fanuc dont have any kind of Mastering EMD Device, so you select the "right" Axis Position by looking with you eye on it. So be sure, you will have to teach points again, unless you dont have a User Frame which you can recreate.

    BTW: The EE Cables have nothing to do with mastering and if you dont got any error message, you can be sure the master data were already wrong before you changed the kables.

    For me it seems easy,

    just create a Background Program, look for six(Example 2-8) Group Outputs and fill the BG Program like this:

    Check if the Registers or GO's are in use in other Programs before start the BG Program.


    i cant find my RG Cleaner Program any more, maybe my sync program deleted it. I know that i got it from a teacher at the Fanuc academy. Does anybody can send me the program again or send me a link for the download?


    If you don't want to pay for the cycle time, you also can program it by yourself. Just use the Timer[x] and Write the Value in a register.

    Code is like
    1. Timer[1]=Start // Program Start
    2. Timer[1]=Stop // Program End
    3. Register[1] = Timer[1] // Now Register 1 has the Cycle Time in seconds
    4. Timer[1]=Reset

    Then start from 1.

    Unless you are in control mode, then you "magically" have an option to be able to restart the controller from the TP with the R30iB Mate controller. This as bothered me in years, knowing that it is probably possible to restart the R0iB Mate controller from SW in every case ...

    But is it possible to active the function for normal hot/cold start? Or is the option only for control mode?

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    Hey everyone,

    in the last time I found different types of cycle power options. Sometimes you can do it without touching the robot controller by select cycle power on the teach pendant (fctn-0-8). But also on different controllers I got the message that I be to switch the controller on and off.

    So my question is: when I have to restart the controller by switching off/on and when by TP? It is software version relevant or is the controller version the decisive factor?

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    Hallo together,


    i have to create a HMI on a Fanuc teach pendant, because the system does not have a PLC. So the HMI should have the following options:
    - Run different tp programs via different buttons (program like "Open Gripper" or "PNS1"...)
    - Change register values (already done)
    - Stop the robot, Run the Home program and maybe continue the program.

    Attention: The robot does not have the KAREL option. The whole HMI has to be programed without any Karel code.

    Actual im done with the design by using microsoft sharepoint designer 2007. But the most important step where i am stucking is, run different programs via different buttons. I already tried the option by creating a custom menu and adding an image by a button and add a HTML Hyperlink "/Softpart/GENLINK?Current=menupage,31,250" to the image. But dont understand how to run a second tp program with that option. Is there a different way to run TP Programs by a button?
    Does anybody have a list with an overview of all Softpart ID's and Screen ID's? Then i would create more custom menus and add tp programs to the menus. :hmmm:

    Thanks for the help! :merci:

    Hey all together,

    following situation: I should change the speed of some points in a program of an fanuc R2000 with 6 axis+ one 4 meter linear axis.
    My question is, which factors affects the way how "smooth" or "fluid" move the robot in a program?

    actually the points are in the program:

    J P1 35% CNT 100
    J P2 35% CNT 100
    L P3 250 mm/sec CNT 100
    L P4 300 mm/sec CNT 100
    L P5 300 mm/sec FINE
    L P6 100 mm/sec FINE

    Is it the speed? or the kind of movement? or the CNT/Fine change? what could be the reason that the robot does not move fluid?

    Thanks for answers, and yes: I am new in fanuc robot programming...

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