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    Yeah the issue with not giving out any sort of service manuals is frustrating. They sent me their "manuals" last week but they really don't offer much help or guidance.

    If I had the option I would replace these Staubli robots immediately.

    Bigger problem is that the company that built this piece of automation is no long in business so we have ZERO support and things are starting to fail more frequently.


    If I were to buy a used TX60 robot to have as a spare, could I swap it out with the one on the machine if it fails to get production up and running quickly while I work on the broken robot offline? Just the robot, not the controller.

    If so are there any special procedures that need to be done or do I just have to line up all the marks to set the joints at 0 when I swap them out?

    We had a J4 motor fail last week on Monday and never got the replacement motor in and installed until Friday. Lots of lost time.

    VERY new to the Staubli line of robots. Worked with Fanuc robots for 16 years.

    I need to write a value to register 60 from an AB controller.

    I have done this a few times before but I cannot remember how I figured out the Attribute in the AB Message Control.

    I know it's HEX but can someone please tell me what attribute is needed for Register 60?

    I this it is 46 maybe?

    (25 is register 37 from the last time I have done this)

    I would check the connection at the pulsecoder and if that seems fine then I would replace the Pulsecoder.

    The J4 motor will have a label on the cables with the number 4 on them which should make it easy to find. Not sure which model robot you have.