DI on/off from menu

  • hi alls,

    is possible change DI value, from off to on or on to off, creating a menu with fanuc activeX control? i want to test a program but i want to have a possibility to turn off this DI quickly without the necessity to go to MENU>I/O> ETC.

    i use a menu created with frontpage to change offsets but i couldn't find a editbox or button to change this DI.


  • Well, I don't think so you can turn on or off the DI in your test cycle. If you want to test your program probably skip the DI part by moving down with the arrow key and pressing FWD on the next step of your line of code. This is how I test my program assuming the DI will be turned off or on where I want it to be.

  • This could the perfect solution. I will try andò let you know if works. Thanks

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