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    Hi guys,

    There Is a way to read and use GI/GO on PMC?

    I Need to send values from slave to master robot(master has PMC).

    For example:

    From slave






    I want to use this values on PMC ladder to compare and set or reset outputs.


    Thanks for reply. I'm trying to communicate I/o signals through Profinet connection.

    Robots has option I've wrote below.

    At the moment I don't need an external plc like Siemens. I need only create a feedback between robots like EGD IO function.

    I setup Profinet channel with a common IP address: ( for robot 1) ( for robot 2)

    Set-up DI/DO 201-301 on rack 102 ( same two robots)

    Reboot the controller but communication doesn't work and I get this error on channel 2.


    Because I can't find the right configuration to allow the communication.

    I set ip on channel 2.

    Connect robots via Profinet. Set rack 102 but doesn't work.

    Get error Chnl 2 slot 1 idle.

    Hi guys,

    Is possible to use profinet board to create a communication between robots without external PLC(Like Siemens). Using profinet like EDG robot.

    hi guys,

    I'm getting some problems with PMC configuration.

    In fact DO and *UO are in conflict. (See below).

    If I try:


    PMC command it off and I don't know why.

    If I remove on PMC>DATA>INT ASSING I/O the *UO data PMC works fine.

    I check for a wrong assignment on robot data but nothing.

    I try to repeat the auto setup but get always same problem.

    Hi guys,

    i see on new r30ib plus controller there is the option to create a safety pmc.

    It's similar to tia portal safety ladder or block?


    Hi guys,

    Problem was solved.

    The problem was the firewall block connection to port 6005.

    My It manager create a special rule on firewall to allow this type of connection.

    Are you able to connect to other robots? Have you installed the ipendant controls on your PC?

    I'm able to connect to home page robot. I'm not be able to connect to using echo link.

    Olpc-pro installed. On internet explorer I see ipendant plugins activated.

    I can use browser tool for example. But if I try to connect using ECHO I get error.


    I'm using internet explorer.

    i try to connect using telnet to port 60006 but i get connection refused. Maybe firewall still blocking it?

    All the items in the error message are ok.

    In internet explorer go to settings>security and add the robot IP address to trusted sites. Make sure https checkbox is unchecked. Also allow internet explorer though the windows firewall.

    Thanks for reply.

    I do everything but still can't open Echo ipendant.

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to connect to a robot via web. Home page is reachable but i can't open ECHO page.

    Get this error:

    An error occurred trying to log in as an iPendant connection. The robot controller is trying to make a TCP/IP connection to port 60005 on your PC. Set Internet Explorer to prevent Windows from blocking communication with the robot controller.

    1. If you have a firewall, unblock port 60005. (Unlocked this PORT on firewall)
    2. If you are using a proxy server, make sure that your access to the robot does not go through the proxy server. (No proxy)
    3. Try connecting to the robot IP address instead of the robot hostname. (Using IP)
    4. Add your robot IP address as a trusted site in Internet Explorer. (Done)
    5. If Skype IE plugin is installed, please uninstall it. (No skype installed)
    6. Try disabling add-on software of Internet Explorer. (???)
    7. Please refer to Configuring Internet Explorer section in the Internet Setup & Operations manual for additional details.

    any news?