KUKA KRC4 - X308, X309, X312 on CCU

  • Hi. I need more information about X308, X309, X312 port that exists in CCU board from KRC4.
    We receive a cabinet with a X308 contactors coils linked in.
    At item 11.6.3 from KRC4 operation instructions we have only a description "External power supply, safety circuit"
    I looking for documentation about it. How it works? this is really safety output? This is a feedback of TP emergêncy button, or only drive? or dead man switch?
    Thanks anyone that can help.

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  • if they are present in your system just read schematics.

    I see X308 wiring (just DC power jumpers). this allows internal safety circuit to be powered internally (using those jumpers) or externally (jumpers removed, external power connected to X308.5 and X308.6). this is a DC power interface, not a safety input...
    It is meant as a feature to allow future modifications if needed (i guess we can agree that doing surgery on CCU board to get certain functionality is not a preferred way to expand system, this is why same thing is used on X11, X55 etc.).

    never seen anything wired to other two... (article number of your cabinet?)

    Btw if user documentation does not mention something, it means this is not meant for user to mess with.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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  • Yes I agree with you, CCU solution is not the better way.
    But this is real. There are a KRC4 with a K210 optimus Prime for Ford Standard.
    They use this for welding machine. Use only X312, and this respond to PERI Read. There are no X11, the safety is made by CIP safety over Ethernet.
    For those that has a X11 in KRC4, there are outputs that responds to emergency local button at X11.37-38 and X11.55-60 and more in the following pairs.

  • when using network based safety, CCU must have X311 jumper plug. all other signals are communicated through network with safety PLC regardless of interface (CIP safety or ProfiSafe or FSoE). there is nothing for user to touch on rest of CCU.

  • X312 is used for US2 option (switched power for outputs such as robot tool etc.).
    when this option is installed, it must be activated...
    normally it is controlled by KRC (relays activated when robot drives are on) but when using safety PLC, this can also be controlled by mentioned PLC.

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