PN problems

  • Hello

    I have problem with PN configuration in WV, any help is wellcomed, I'm waiting one more expirienced guy to come for 2 days now, but looks like he wont be here this week, and we are in hurry :(

    KRC4 info:


    BoardPackage 1.2.0
    DiagnoseSafety 2.1.0
    EthernetKRL 2.2.7
    Gripper-&SpotTech 2.2.7
    KUKA.CPC 3.0.5
    LoadDataDetermination 6.2.7
    Profinet KRC-Nexxt 3.2.4
    RemoteService 1.2.0
    SafeOperation 3.2.4

    My setup: Robot is slave to PLC and master to I/O periphery for gripper.

    My WV configuration goes like this:
    I added the profient node and configured his name like its named in PLC,
    activated profinet stack,
    set number of safe I/Os to 64
    set number of I/Os to 256

    Than I added Periphery I/Os under this profient node
    named it corectly, asign correct IP's. And when i check Device list and profinet names, periphery I/Os are ok, i have green checknext to them.

    Next step was to map I/O's
    I map profinet fieldbuss inputs to digital inputs of robot from 1 to 256, and safe inputs from 257 to 230
    and outputs from 1 to 256.
    Periphery inputs are mapped from 321 to 336, and outputs from 257 to 280.

    On KRC I have separate profinet network on virtual 5 with IP set up like in PLC for this device, and virtual 6 with diferent IP and subnet for my windows connection.

    And after I upload a project, PLC side doesn't see KRC4 connected, maby I'm using wrong GSD file ?
    (I'm using KUKA KRC nexxt Device V8.2 )
    I have 9 errors (pic in attachment) , not sure what I configured wrong in WV side.

  • [size=2]why are you using device description file for 8.2 when your robot is running KSS 8.3?[/size]
    [size=2]read the PN manual, there is a table telling you which file to use.
    also do NOT map safety I/O in WoV... only map standard I/O.

    finally, when you deploy WoV project, you must activate it. and since you are changing safety configuration, you also must activate that AFTER activating WoV project.

    to do so log in as a safety user, go to menu Configure>Safety Configuration etc.[/size]

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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