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    Thank you basti

    you mean I should change $VEL_AXIS_MA?

    But according to attached document I have tow speed parameter rated speed and maximum speed (4500), should I change $vel_axis_ma from 2714 to 4500 rpm

    and this change can cause damage to the system, or not?



    I think you have to calculate maximum value of $VEL_AXIS_MA.

    $VEL_AXIS_MA[Axis number]=(266 * 60) / Number of pole pairs

    Did you configure your ramp-up, proportional component's, for speed and position controller and integral component for speed controller?

    This is best to perform when you have maximum load on your motor. (it is described in "Configuration of Kinematic Systems", chapter 7.4 )

    edit: If your result for vel_axis_ma is bigger than rated speed of the motor, than configure it with rated speed.

    Thank you for reply!

    I found what was the problem today:

    While configuring USB, I didn't select option "Remove hibernate file", while robots were shut down in hibernate mode...
    After cold start shutdown image creation was successful.


    I have KUKA.Recovery USB updated to 3.0.3 and now I have problem with it:

    I made one successful image in silent mode on KRC4 V8.3.30,
    afterwards I copied image files to my PC and configured USB for next robot KRC4 8.3.37.

    After switching on the robot controller with recovery USB in it led 1 started to blink,
    but after few minutes it switched off and LED 5 switched on.

    Now I need help do figure out what is wrong, I can't find any error descriptions based on LED diagnostics.
    Also, is KUKA.Recovery purposed for multiple robot controllers or it should be one KUKA.Recovery USB for one robot controller ?

    Thank you !

    I just had very similar project to this.

    I converted dxf file with help of AutoCad and Excel to KRL instructions, but I had to change it very rarely, so I can't answer your 2nd question since I updated dispensing job paths with laptop.

    To adjust dispensing amount of material, based on TCP speed, we used pneumatic pump with dispensing needle that have adjustable opening which is controlled with servo motor as external robot axe.


    Can somebody share some manuals for Daihen OTC FD11 controler (system intergrator manuals, operator manuals, etc.).
    Soon I will have to work with Daihen OTC robots, so I would like to prepare myself abefore getting on site.

    Thank you.


    Details on system:
    Robot: KR510R3080
    Control er: KR C4
    KSS: V8.3.33

    Robot is PLC slave

    I have handling application with separate jobs for pick and place.

    To take over job we use simple program with handshake after job is taken from PLC.

    At the moment we have two wait for $IN x lines in handshake routine that kill the advanced run.

    Is it possible to take over next job before current is finished to avoid stop in motion and continue with continuous run ?

    Does CONTINUE in front of wait help with that if we get all the signals that we "wait for" before previous motion is finished ?

    Please share some experience if somebody did something similar.

    My first idea was to get both jobs (pick and place) at once, with one" taking job from PLC" routine , but idea it was rejected from leaders of the project.

    I also have this sort of problems on few robots now, JonHopper do you maby rmemeber how did you solve this issue ?
    External mode works like charm, but every few weeks we have this same error and we have to restart drives.
    Kuka hotline didn't help us much, they blame PLC, but when I check signals on robot I can see they all are OK like every other time.

    Robot: KR420R3330
    KR C4 V8.3.30

    Maby you can set this external axis speed to 0

    3.219 $VEL_EXTAX[]
    Description: Velocity of the external axes in the advance run
    The variable contains the programmed axis velocity as a percentage of the
    maximum motor speed $VEL_AXIS_MA[] (variable in the file …R1\Mada\$machine.dat).

    Syntax: $VEL_EXTAX[Axis number]=Velocity

    (source: KSS System Variables documentation)

    Is kuka device 100% named "plasma" in plc hardware configuration ?

    Try to connect to your profinet network with kuka work visual and then right click on your profinet and select function named Device List and Profinet Names, and check if there is device named plasma.
    Usually if you cojnfigure device in TIA portal and if you name it "something" real name on network is going to be for example "xdsomethingxy21"...if name and IP adress is the same like in wov project, than try to reinstal kerc next option, It helped me once after 2 day of unsuccessful attempt of PN configuration :D...

    ps. sorry for my bad english

    Edit: try to post screenshoot of device in hardvare configuration of PLC.

    If you need CONSTANT pulse all the time, you can try to put it in to the loop of sps.sub program.

    You have description how sps.sub works in chapter 12 in system integrator manual.

    Yes, you were right,
    it was wrong description file, but also I had problems with krc nexxt, and when I renistal it, it was all good.

    Thank you very much !


    I have problem with PN configuration in WV, any help is wellcomed, I'm waiting one more expirienced guy to come for 2 days now, but looks like he wont be here this week, and we are in hurry :(

    KRC4 info:


    BoardPackage 1.2.0
    DiagnoseSafety 2.1.0
    EthernetKRL 2.2.7
    Gripper-&SpotTech 2.2.7
    KUKA.CPC 3.0.5
    LoadDataDetermination 6.2.7
    Profinet KRC-Nexxt 3.2.4
    RemoteService 1.2.0
    SafeOperation 3.2.4

    My setup: Robot is slave to PLC and master to I/O periphery for gripper.

    My WV configuration goes like this:
    I added the profient node and configured his name like its named in PLC,
    activated profinet stack,
    set number of safe I/Os to 64
    set number of I/Os to 256

    Than I added Periphery I/Os under this profient node
    named it corectly, asign correct IP's. And when i check Device list and profinet names, periphery I/Os are ok, i have green checknext to them.

    Next step was to map I/O's
    I map profinet fieldbuss inputs to digital inputs of robot from 1 to 256, and safe inputs from 257 to 230
    and outputs from 1 to 256.
    Periphery inputs are mapped from 321 to 336, and outputs from 257 to 280.

    On KRC I have separate profinet network on virtual 5 with IP set up like in PLC for this device, and virtual 6 with diferent IP and subnet for my windows connection.

    And after I upload a project, PLC side doesn't see KRC4 connected, maby I'm using wrong GSD file ?
    (I'm using KUKA KRC nexxt Device V8.2 )
    I have 9 errors (pic in attachment) , not sure what I configured wrong in WV side.

    Thank you very much for your reply !

    So if I got this right, If there is only one network setup for all in both cases (with profinet device and controler/device) KRC4 and profinet I/O module that is connected to KRC4 cabinet have to be added as hardware and configured in Siemens software?