Lrmate 200id-7L Robot Axis 2/3 issue

  • Hello,

    I have an inverted Lrmate 200id-7L Robot that I am hitting a J2/3 Axis limit at approximately 204deg. I am not sure what is going on. Hopefully someone can shed some light. I have done a fully simulation with the exact same robot and it is not behaving the same. Basically I am not able to tuck the robot up due to a J2/3 issue. It gives me a motion alarm. I am not coming close to either Joint axis limit but rather the pair. When I sent the robot to the exact same joint angles as the simulation. The robot is in a very different position (for joint 2 and 3 only). It is approximately 20deg out from what I see in the simulation. What really peaked my interest is when I look in the 4d view in the pendant. It appears to look exactly the same as my simulation, it visually looks different from the actual robot. If I put joint 2 at 90deg in the sim, it is parallel to the floor. If I put the real robot joint 2 at 110deg. It is parallel to the floor. Meaning it is about 20deg closer to the limit.

    I have a couple concerns here. Why is the simulation so far off. Going to the same point, it is not in the same position. If I match joint angles from sim to real life. It is inches different.Seems to pertain 100% to joints 2/3. The others seem to be good. Why If I put the robot to 110deg @ joint 2 is it at 90deg to the floor in the real world, but not in the pendant 4d view? Keep In mind I am a fairly new fanuc user.

    Thank you for your help,

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  • Thanks for your responses. I have done mastering and calibration a couple times, everything lines up with marks. What is interesting is if I have it all at 0deg. It is in the correct position. However when I move joint 2 up to 90 it no longer matches sim or 4d view

  • the controller can be either R-30iA or R-30iB. Taking under consideration that 200iD (that is the robot model), it probably is the R-30iB (maybe in some "mate" version, which is smaller).

    It is quite normal, that the J3 axis moves while jogging the J2 (at least in other Fanuc robots, like the ArcMates or the R-2000iBs), as it is compensating the movement to keep the J3 arm in the same orientation. Problems start, when that J3 movement causes the arm to change it's orientaion... So how is it with your robot?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I am using the arcmate 50id model.

    When J2 axis is moved while J2 axis and J3 axis are kept at 90 degrees, the angle between J2 axis and J3 axis is changed.
    The J3 axis is predicted to move with the same angle as the ground.

    I want the J2 and J3 axes to move completely apart.

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